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Mania, showing sharp reds and blues

Mania is an enormous region within the Vesania Universe. It is 500,000 light years from the Domain of Fear and the border of Tranquil.


Mania is a large nebula, made to glow red and purple by the stars within.

There are many stars here, most red dwarves, but supergiants too. Around many are worlds, some of which host conventional life, but there are also the great World-Trees.

World-Trees are enormous stone-covered organisms, up to a million miles long. They contain an atmosphere, and their bodies branch out, feeding off dust and debris.

Intus is a planet which is host to the raving descendants of travellers to Vesania.


Many organisms live within Mania. Most travel around, consuming those smaller than themselves and avoiding their predators, which grow titanic indeed.

These organisms are mainly biomechanical. They lay their eggs on the rogue planets drifting through the void.

Creatures here include:

The is an area in Mania, two light-years across, which has had an enormous defence field set up around it by the Experimenters, earning in the name of "The Shielded Zone". It contains Vivatus and its sun, but little else.

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