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Multiverses Timeline

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This is the Multiverses Timeline, which can be used for reference purposes. If you have made new articles involving specific dates, feel free to add events and dates here.

Before Merge

700 trillion BM -- Obeidon appears, the Crossverse within it. First Free Minds.

? BM -- First Cataclysm

? BM -- Rokath present in Obeidon.

? BM -- Rokath Purge. All material life in the multiverse destroyed.

2.35 trillion BM -- The Vision is founded

1.995 trillion BM -- The Laisth evolve

1.117 trillion BM -- Empyrean buds off from the Crossverse.

600 billion BM- The Third Vesania forms

440 billion BM- The Hellstar forms, Inferno and the other planets of the system forms around it.

438 billion BM- The Julth develop.

325 billion BM -- First recorded sighting of a Wreaker.

67 billion BM -- The Daemoniverse forms.

48 billion BM -- Machinus appears, a normal universe at this time.

38 billion BM -- Arelus appears

27 billion BM -- The Iephi reach space. The Telleni reach space

9.6 billion BM -- Wamana appears

7 billion BM -- Kaventro forms.

4.1 billion BM -- Cthonia forms.

3.2 billion BM -- Lamana forms.

2 billion BM -- Machinus is made entirely mechanical by an ancient race.

c. 6 million BM -- The Lentaa evolve.

4.7 million BM -- The Sii evolve sapience

4.5 million BM -- Gonyords evolve sapience

4.4 million BM -- First Sii city

4.1 million BM -- Sii reach space

4 million BM -- The Consecro was created.

3.671 million BM -- Anatomically modern Veiled Ones evolve.

3.6493?) million BM -- The Veiled Ones build their first city.

3.64(4?) million BM -- The Veiled Ones develop their first interstellar spaceship.

3.677 million BM -- Second Cataclysm. Arrival of Msra. Beginning of the War in Heaven

3.167 million BM -- No Iephi sightings after this time.

2.650 million BM -- The Szerkers become sapient

2 million BM -- The Atrenids evolve.

960.000 BM -- The Szerkers enter space

956.000 BM -- The Szerkers begin their assault on all life

790.000 BM -- The Verplaatsen complete their spaceship.

The Merge

0- The Merge. The Emenata universe is created. Many planets are affected, and in some cases, thrown out of orbit.

After Merge

0.005(.451) AM -- The Atrenids evolve advanced sapience and build their first city.

0.082(.974) AM -- The Veiled Ones temporarily destroy the Szerkers

0.106(.055) AM -- The Constant period of Atrenid history begins.

0.309(.?) AM- The Ravagers are supposedly built. They destroy a civilisation, probably their creators

0.488(.456) AM -- The Veiled Ones defeat the Ashgoroth

0.489(.706) AM -- The Ravagers appear in the Daemoniverse, are defeated around Inferno

0.501(.302) AM -- The Julth War begins.

0.501(.307) AM -- The Daemons, led by Hectocapitus, are produced and take over, defeating the Julth and ending the Julth War. Inferno becomes desolate. Bloodburn and Soulbane are born. The Gonyords become fully extinct soon afterwards.

0.501(.378) AM -- Moloch is born.

0.764(.472) AM -- Ruinous War begins

0764(.478) AM -- Ruinous War ends. Sii extinct

1.060(.500?) AM -- The Phemara develop sapience

Around 1.5 million AM -- A group of dolosids travel through a Dimensional Rift from Kaventro to Aristotle, evolving into the Geckas.

1.5 million AM -- Cho'ghar and Montotheres develop symbiotic bond.

1.987(.350) AM -- Umbran is born

2.000(.???) AM -- Salsenes develop sapience. By this time most races have started to evolve.

2.145(.600) AM -- Death's Shadow is born

2.170(.562) AM -- Etherclaw is born

2.199(.233) AM -- The Szerkers are reawakened

2.203(.001) AM -- The Phemara reach space

2.204(.780) AM -- Phemara/Szerker wars begin, and last eight years

2.209(.544) AM -- The Phemara meet the Daemons. The Daemons exterminate them

2.256(.100) AM -- The Szerkers attack Inferno, and are defeated

2.279(.564) AM -- Eklipse is born

2.340... AM -- The Notrox develop sapience

2.410(.278) AM -- Tioni is born

2.410(.342) AM -- The Notrox enter the Daemoniverse

2.998(.674) AM -- The Angeli develop sapience

3.312(.224) AM -- Umbran and Death's Shadow are involved in a brief relationship prior to being reprimanded by Hectocapitus. Blazewing is born as a result of this union.

3.456(.956) AM -- Ravana and his army usurp Lanka.

3.456(.957) AM -- Ravana creates the first cykron.

3.500(.000) AM -- The Lentaa develop sapience.

3.564(.563) AM -- Typhons develop sapience

3.670(.456) AM -- Bahamut is born, child of Earthrender and Nightshadow

3.670(.457) AM -- Hectocapitus kills Nightshadow

3.670(.457) AM -- Moloch is killed in battle with the Angeli.

3.670(.460) AM -- Space-faring civilisation collapses on Aboris. A stone age civilisation of scorpion-like invertebrates now exists on Aboris.

3.760(.143) AM -- Tioni is killed

3.760(.187) AM -- The Notrox in the Daemoniverse are exterminated

3.761(.504) AM -- The Notrox are completely exterminated

3.798(.101) AM -- Etherclaw disappears, presumed dead

3.884(.145) AM -- The Kree are enslaved by their Spheres

3.901(.165) AM -- The Typhons first meet the Daemons. War begins

3.924(.???) AM -- The Coatzl build their first city

3.950(.887) AM -- Irithion is born, his civilisation destroyed by the Daemons

3.986(.978) AM -- The Irihil build their first city

3.987(.130) AM -- The Aians build their first city.

3.994(.740) AM -- Merranites begin exploring Emenata

3.998(.463) AM -- Velaya build their first city

3.998(.970) AM -- The Coatzl reach space

3.998(.989) AM -- The Aoarus reach space

3.998(.989) AM -- The Irihil build their first spaceship.

3.999(.567) AM -- The Aians build their first spaceship.

3.999(.698) AM -- The Slavnye encounter the War Machine, and the Ruznetsk War begins.

3.999(.800) AM -- A spaceship crashes into the Staerks' home planet. The Lentaa develop space travel.

3.999(.835) AM -- Most of the Lentaa population leave Skogland, foreseeing disaster.

3.999(.850) AM -- Skogland is destroyed and all its life forms wiped out when a Dimensional Rift leading to the centre of a star opens on its surface.

3.999(.890) AM -- Iridi develop FTL

3.999(.897) AM -- Iridi begin colonisation

3.999(.898) AM -- Deraia develop FTL

3.999(.902) AM -- Detroni develop FTL

3.999(.903) AM -- Detroni mass exodus to other planets

3.999(.932) AM -- Aian/Salsene/Zyrothan First Contact

3.999(.934) AM -- Vrah first contact, Redsky War.

3.999(.955) AM -- A small War Machine force enters the Cloud of Tatra and causes catastrophic damage. The Cyrians intervene, drive off the War Machine, and then set up the Tatric Alliance.

3.999.(.975) AM -- The Staerks arrive at Piasek. The Mantrids attack the Iridi

3.999(.977) AM -- The Aians trap the Nightforger

3.999(.979) AM -- Dwaman leads the Atrenids out of the Constant.

3.999(.982) AM -- The Alxen develop FTL travel. Tuadara Thamono dies.

3.999(.983) AM -- The Atrenids leave Petaurista. The Salsenes contact the Atrenids. Kaventro is explored. Gora is born.

3.999(.985) AM -- Novus is colonized by the Atrenids.

3.999(.986) AM -- The Mantrids are defeated on Mantrus

3.999(.994) AM -- Keel/Zyrothan War. Velaya develop FTL travel

3.999(.995) AM -- The Rennites begin to rebel against the Daemons. Velaya first contact.

3.999(.997) AM -- Xenopteran War begins. Lacus is rediscovered by the rest of the multiverse.

4 million AM -- Most recent turn of the century.

4.000(.002) AM -- Kerarans declare war against the Salsenes, the Lentaa, and the Lutrians.

4.000(.002) AM -- Soulbane betrays Hectocapitus, and joins Rothel.

4.000(.005) AM -- Discovery of Dawn. The Revelation occurs.

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