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Neutronium-metal is a substance used by the Veiled Ones and then the Daemons.

A sphere of neutronium-metal, prior to being added to Hectocapitus' armour.


Neutronium-metal has a small layer of neutron star material (the densest in the universe, save singularities) between two sheets of metal. If left like this, the neutron star material would explode with enormous force while falling straight through the ground, into the planet's core, and then destroy the planet, while pulling the planet into itself due to its enormous gravity. However, mass-lightening suspensors line the inside of the metal, holding the neutronium in suspension, together. This also feeds the gravitational disturbance back on the neutronium.

Due to this, the metal is basically indestructible. If the suspensors were all taken out, everything nearby would be annihilated. However, neutronium does not allow electromagnetic radiation through, so they can only be turned off from the inside.


It is impossible to safely mine neutron stars. The material must be made in an enormous facility full of suspensors and compressors, and then used to line the target. As such, only the Veiled Ones have left Neutronium-Metal relics- they used the material themselves to armour planet-stations such as Third Paradise. As it is now so rare, it is not in common use, or even the Gehennian Armoury.

As a result, all the neutronium-metal in the Daemoniverse is in Hectocapitus' armour. Daemons no longer have the technology to manufacture it.

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