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Nightshadow was a Gehennian.



A Gehennian of average size, Nightshadow had long frills on her head. Her scales were black and dark grey.


An intelligent, careful Gehennian, Nightshadow was well trusted by the others. She was quite passionate in her works and this also carried through when she fell in love with Earthrender.

She was always calm and stress had little affect on her. She was good friends with Death's Shadow.


One of Hectocapitus' better trusted allies, when Nightshadow fell in love with Earthrender they made a plan to depose their Master and take over the Daemoniverse. They wanted to get rid of the lesser Daemons and rule a peaceful land, reversing the changes that made them love war. They hoped to do this by reproducing sexually, to produce a child more powerful than Hectocapitus.

Hectocapitus found out and killed Nightshadow, also blinding Earthrender and giving him scars that are still visible. Earthrender had his eyes replaced, but is now crippled by his loss.

In Fiction

Gehennian, The Seven

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