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Notrox dual.png



Dominator Length:

up to 2.7 metres

Dominator Height:

up to 5 metres

Dominator Diet:

Omnivorous then liquivorous

Dominator Intelligence:

High Sapient

Dominated Length:

up to 4 metres

Dominated Height:

up to 2.1 metres

Dominated Diet:


Dominated Intelligence:

Low Sapient


Highly advanced (Class XI)


The Notrox were a race of aggressive sapients, who invaded the Daemoniverse after subduing their small home universe.

There were two types: The Dominators and the Dominated.


Dominators and Dominated had different physiologies.

Dominator Physiology

The Dominators were tall, quasi-bipedal creatures, with black skin and bioluminescent red patterns on that. At full stretch, they were 5m in height.

They were gnarly hide and two long arms, ending in sharp but dextrous talons. The head hung forward, and the entire forehead acted as an eye.

They had a large, constantly rasping mouth on the underside of their head, and this constantly emitted hot breath, a result of their powerful metabolism.

However, their bones were bad at shock absorption, and they were quite brittle. Some made up for this using cybernetics, and became far more durable and strong.

Dominated Physiology

The Dominated were very different. They were reptilians, capable of moving on four or two legs, and had large head crests and teeth.

They were strong and durable, reaching up to 4m long with a thick tail. They could move quite quickly, and could climb or swim.

There was a dark mane going down their backs.

They had thick hide and strong bones, and were capable of operating simple machinery.


Both species began as omnivores, but the Dominators began to augment themselves with cybernetics and live off nutrient fluids at a later date.


Dominators reproduced sexually, and viviparously. Single babies were born, with a gestation time of eight months. Females far outnumbered males.

The Dominated were also viviparous, but between three and five offspring were born.


The Dominators had high intelligence, capable of creating and using sophisticated technology. They were talented in problem solving and strategy. The Dominator brain was very large, massing 3kg.

The Dominated were less intelligent, and only just sapient. Their brains massed only 0.7kg.


In Notrox culture, the Dominators always had control of the Dominated. They were even bred for obedience to the Dominators, originally as soldiers and a labour force.

All of them believed that the Notrox are the rightful owners of the universes they enter, and would give their lives to allow Notrox victory.

All other races were seen as inferior, even if far more powerful.

Social Structure

There were groups even amongst the two races. The most powerful and intelligent Dominators were the Masters, who controlled immense fleets and enhanced themselves to have enormous power.

Below them were the Overseers, and then the Drivers.

Amongst the Dominated there were Chieftains, Elites, Labourers and Dregs.


The Notrox had two languages. The first was spoken only by the Dominators, but the other was far simpler and for between the two groups as well as between Dominated.

A sample of Notrox writing

Due to their mouth structure, the Dominated could only make simple sounds. They had no adverbs or adjectives, and participles were used in their place.


The Dominators had two names, in addition to their rank. The first was a private name, usually from historical characters, but the second was a compound used to describe their character, and chosen when they were one year old.


The Notrox believed in their own superiority and a time when they would rule the universes.


The Notrox had very advanced technology.

A Notrox cruiser


The Notrox had several kinds of spaceship.

All had Ultradrive and used hyperreactors to produce enormous amounts of energy.

Their armour was repulsor sheets between space-twisting plates, which simply slapped projectiles aside. Beneath that was spaced fullerene armour.

There were also shields, which broke up oncoming fire and dissipated its energy away.

Cruisers were the most common kind, with a spinal mass driver, which fired a 5kg projectile at 58% light speed. They also had space-twister missiles, fusion bombs, and spray drivers.

They were up to 10km long, and could take 30,000 Notrox very comfortably.

A Notrox Skyblade, in atmosphere

Skyblades were even bigger, up to 65km long. Their broadside weaponry was much the same as a cruiser's, but they also had an immense Skyblade weapon, which could punch through spaceships, moons and planets with an extremely concentrated space-twisting beam.

Due to the weapon's space requirements, only 530 could live comfortably on a Skyblade.

Scourers fulfilled the roles of transport and strafer. They could hold 30 Notrox and had a nose-mounted spray driver, as well as cruising missiles.

They were used for reconnaisance and scattering, as well.


The Notrox had very powerful super-computers, using quantum connections, but built no AIs.

They had instant communication from every ship to their settlements.

Infantry Equipment

Dominators on the ground usually wore armour and shields, and carried Shaderifles.

The Dominated usually just followed Dominators, wearing little armour to maximise speed and maneouvrability.

In extreme environments, they may have worn full-body protection.


The Notrox used cybernetics. Dominators often upgraded their brains with more memory space and processing power, or their bodies with extra strength and durability, or for easier interface with technology.

The Dominated were often augmented with radio communicators and extra strength. Some became capable of temporary working in space.


Notrox usually lived on board their spaceships, on constant crusade. However, some live on shelled colonies, built on planets or floating in space.


The Notrox are two seperate species, though related. The Dominators reached sapience first, and discovered what would be the Dominated on the next continent, and subdued them.

The Dominated were selected for obedience and numbers, so gradually changed into their present form.


The Notrox developed sapience in about 2.340(.?) AM.

Deonox, the Notrox homeworld

They spent 100000 years before building their first spaceships, and then attacked their nearby civilisations. In 2.410(.342) AM, they entered the Daemoniverse.

Their enormous fleet, of 200,000 ships, fought against the Daemons for almost 350,000 years. The war went backwards and forwards, but it was obvious from the beginning that the Daemons were superior.

Under their skilful generals, the Notrox were a major drain on Daemon resources.

In 3.760(.187) AM, the Notrox in the Daemoniverse were exterminated, in The Battle of Dawn.

After over a thousand years of more fighting, they were then exterminated in their home universe.

Relations with other races

While they survived, the Notrox were extremely aggressive and powerful.


The Notrox invaded the Daemoniverse after conquering their, smaller universe.

Over the course of 1,350,000 years, the Daemons defeated the Notrox. They then entered their home universe and destroyed it.


The Notrox also attacked the Angeli. There were far fewer battles between them, and the Notrox were forced to concentrate against the Daemons.

Notable Notrox

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