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Oblivion Dust

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Oblivion Dust is a phenomenon present in the Vesania universe. It poses an extreme risk.

An image of the Dust spread in Vesania


Specks of Dust are around 1.6 femtometres in diameter, but possess highly variable mass and seem capable of directed motion.

It is hypothesised they are an example of femtotechnology, but no race has been discovered capable of creating or even using such advanced materials.

Dust can travel at many millions of times the speed of light and have the same mass as a star.


Dust is present in all parts of the Vesania universe, particularly around the Serenus Galaxy, The Gate, and The Verge.

On occasion, Dust will attack an object. In all cases, this has been foreign to Vesania. The larger and faster-moving the object, the more likely an attack is.

Quadrillions of Dust specimens will fly straight through the victim, causing atomic damage all over it and completely obliterating it. They will pursue the target even if they attempt to escape, including through wormholes or through Free Minds.

Dust can penetrate neutronium, repulsors, or other protective measures.

It does not attack Boltzmann entities.

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