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The Praeti are Hectocapitus' elite Korgrath guards.


Engineered and bred for strength, loyalty, and endurance, Praeti are muscular creatures with armoured flesh.

They have no horns on their head, but do have them on their shoulders. Their teeth and bones are particularly strong, infused with nanobot adamant.


Entirely and uncompromisingly loyal to their master, Praeti feel no fear or need to preserve themselves. They only think about serving and protecting Hectocapitus.

However, they can have great intelligence and strategic ability.


Praeti wear blackmetal, nano-infused armour over almost all their body. It is very ornate, and carries repulsor fields, hidden blades, and all sorts of other devices.

They wear a black cloak as a badge of office, which they can wrap around their entire body. They can carry Blueblades, Rending Cannons, or Firespitters.


There are around a thousand Praeti in existence. Seven hundred follow Hectocapitus wherever he goes, but the rest stay at The Tower.

Gehennian, The Seven

Korgrath: Afrit, Praetus, Rider, Marid, Reaper, Tekija, Esumum, The Asura
Grakk: Shaytan, Djinn, Hellhound, Kappa, Ammut, Arachne, Ghoul, Goblin, Rakshasa, Tengu, Alma
Other: Zahhak, Cubi, Tarducus
Warbeasts: Titan, Hydra, Chimaera, Shadow Beast, Grendel
Individuals: Hectocapitus
The Seven: Bloodburn, Umbran, Death's Shadow, Ravana, Darkshriek, Arethusa, Bahamut, Soulbane (ex), Cthire (ex), Etherclaw (ex), Moloch (ex), Flamegift (ex)
Gehennians: Deadflame, Earthrender, Iceflame, Snakesick, Dusk, Skybreaker, Slitherfang, Anathema, Silvereye, Seth, Indigo, Horrorscorch
Korgrath Generals: Skayl, Argoth, Kumbhakarna
Deceased Individuals: Etherclaw, Cthire, Nightshadow, Moloch, Dreadhiss, Venomcry, Flamegift, Eklipse, Chaon

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