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Ravagers are a type of biomechanical entity that operated in both the Daemoniverse and the Viperius Galaxy System many millions of years ago, and resurfaced in 4.000(.029) AM.



Ravagers do have variation in style. However, they are all enormous spacecraft, with dark hulls and many spikes or wings. They are up to 20km long, with wingspans of up to 14km.

Capable of FTL travel, they can enter shadow dimensions to jump or accelerate beyond any normal ship's capacity. They can also enter the Crossverse.


Each Ravager has an enormous, frontally-mounted Ragnarok Cannon. This weapon fires an enormous space-distortion pulse, which breaks down atoms into their constituents- they can destroy worlds, stars, and even compact objects.

In addition, they carry enormous mass drivers, which fire 50kg projectiles at 90% light speed through coilguns and repulsor rings. They bear massively powerful modulated lasers and singularity-generating torpedoes.


Ravagers are equipped with repulsor shields and repulsor beams which enable manipulation of small objects.

The hull is constructed from Void-Metal. Void-Metal is a non-substance which is immune to attack as it has zero energy (due to being quantumly entangled with a system which must draw energy from it), so nothing can enter its confines. Projectiles simply dissipate around it, and as long as the link does not decay the hull remains impregnable.


Ravagers are biomechanical sapients, programmed to destroy all life.

They are capable of independent thought and problem solving, and as massive computers, they can solve problems and work things out far beyond most races' understanding.

However, they also have imagination. They have hatred, sadism and arrogance as their only emotions, enjoying torturing victims. They can easily translate alien languages and converse fluently after only moments of hearing.

The Ravager mind is also capable of extreme cyberwarfare, destroying or manipulating any accessible systems on its prey.


It is not known where or why the Ravagers were created. It is known that they destroyed their creators and every world in their home galaxy, whichever universe it was in.

They travelled through many galaxies, destroying all worlds which held or could hold life, destroying planets for amusement.

The came to the attention of the Veiled Ones when they entered the Viperius System and the Daemoniverse. This must have happened before the Julth War, when the Veiled Ones became the Daemons.

A long, cataclysmic war resulted. The majority of the war was fought in the Crossverse, though the effects went far beyond it.

According to archaeological sources:

"The Ravagers appeared to be winning at first, but when the Veiled Ones were fighting a desperate last stand on the then-habitable Inferno, they discovered how to break the Void-Metal.

Within days, they destroyed the Ravager fleet."

The corpse of the Ravager Vrath lies on the surface of Nether. No-one has been able to enter it, and few foolish enough to try.

In 4.000(.029), the Ravager Sekhar entered the Viperius Galaxy. It has caused immense damage, destroying stars and civilisations, such as the planet Solin.

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