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Reox is a class SFI planet near the edge of the Cloud of Tatra in Emenata. It is the Raai homeworld.

A model of Reox with clouds removed


Reox is the second planet of twelve orbiting a G1-type star, at a distance of 1.15 AUs.


Reox has a radius of approximately 7415km, around 1.1 times Earth's. However, it is denser (1.14x), with a mass 1.8 times Earth's. As such, its surface gravity is 1.32G.


Reox contains large amounts of iron and nickel. Its crust is 38.1% oxygen, 35.1% iron, 19.9% silicon, 5.5% aluminium, 0.9% other metals, and 0.5% other elements.


69% of the surface of Reox is water, and 0.9% is ice. Its surface area is around 1.35 times Earth's. The average global temperature is 29 degrees centigrade.


Reox's atmosphere is 75.1% nitrogen, 22.9% oxygen, 1.7% argon and the rest is mainly carbon dioxide. There is a reasonably large amount of xenon present.


The planet takes 16 hours to rotate on its axis. It has a stable 1.9 degree axial tilt, so there is little seasonal variation in climate.


Reox has two medium sized moons, orbiting close to it at around 120,000km and 167,000km. It also has a number of artificial space fortresses, some reaching 10km in length.


Reox's biosphere has been depleted in richness by the Raai, but still hosts an extensive biosphere with many intriguing organisms. 8.9% of the planet's land area is jungle, and 42.1% of its land area is temperate forest.


There are several dozen living settlements on Reox, the largest of which is Raahon with a population of 24 million.

There is an uninhabited and ruined city located on a large island in the sea. Though the Raai tend to shun this place, its size indicates a population of fifty million or more. Ports, evidently built by the same civilisation and all in disrepair, are located all around the ocean in which the 'First Island' is present.

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