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The Rokath were a immensely advanced (Class XII) civilisation present in Obeidon prior to the formation of any current universes.


Little information is available on Rokath physiology. They had reached a state of development in which their previously organic minds were transferred to inorganic forms, generally geometric objects of great size. These ranged from triangular bodies 70m long to artificial hollow spheres that could contain galaxies.

These seemed to be constructed of a kind of exotic or otherwise unconventional matter, as no known substance (with the possible exception of Neutronium-Metal or Shining Armour) could withstand the stresses taken by an object so large.

They were able to change shape and bud off new objects, or combine to create larger ones.


The Rokath race did not remain as individuals upon transferring themselves to their machines, but merged into a gestalt race, with every unit connected to every other by entanglement.


The Rokath developed extremely soon after the appearance of Obeidon- before any conventional stars or planets had formed. As such, their existence defies current understanding. Some scholars theorise that they were assembled from fused atoms by Minds, but as this was long before The Vision and simulations suggest rates of Free Mind generation were far lower early on in Obeidon's existence, this may not have been possible.

They seem to have been a peaceful race, harvesting energy from and maintaining universes.

However, during an event known as the Rokath Purge, they were completely destroyed, along with all material life in the multiverse.

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