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Ruznetsk War

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Ruznetsk War
War Machine saucer damaged2.png
A War Machine cruiser saucer takes a heavy impact to its hull
Date 3.999(.698) AM (ongoing)
Location The Viperius Galaxy System
Result Ongoing
Casus belli War Machine expansion
Slavnye, Irihil, Sephirah, Tatric Alliance War Machine
Sovesh Chief Commissioner, Irihil Viya council, Cyrian leaders War Machine
At beginning for each: Slavnye: Over 30 billion ships. Irihil: Over nine hundred million ships. Sephirah: Over one million ships. Cyrians: Over six million ships. Raai: Ninety thousand ships. Inehmud: Seventy thousand ships. Over 42 billion ships at beginning.
At least 70 billion ships. At least 30 billion ships.
Exact numerical strengths remain ambiguous due to the lack of direct observation of the war or fleet sizes of the species involved.

The Ruznetsk War (Ruznetsk coming from the Slavnye word for 'Most Bloody') is an ongoing conflict between the War Machine and many of the class X civilisations of the Viperius Galaxy System.


The first two combatants in this war, having begun the fight in 3.999(.698) AM, were the Slavnye and War Machine. The Slavnye committed all their fleets to the war soon after it began, and the War Machine turned a large proportion of its forces that way also.

The Irihil joined the conflict in 3.999(.760), followed shortly afterwards by the Sephirah. These two factions devoted large quantities of personnel to the fight, causing the War Machine to increase the proportion of its forces which were in this campaign.

After the formation of the Tatric Alliance in 3.999(.955), its forces began to mobilise to join the war, having tentatively allied with the Slavnye.

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