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Sabre Light Cruiser

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The Sabre Light Cruiser is a class of light cruiser constructed by Paragon Weapons Systems. It puts an emphasis on weaponry.


This vessel is built 155m long and 60m across at its widest point. It has four wing/radiators, two on each side, and a tailfin above the rear drives. The rear has two VFH-B engines and six VGO-C manoeuvring thrusters, but there are two VGO-C thrusters on the ship's front as well.

Power comes from a 55mx50mx12m He-3 fusion torus, though there are six hydrogen fuel cells to act as backup power sources. All of these are placed just in front of the rear engines.

The ship's armour consists of a 3-inch carbide layer over a 10-inch Ni-Cr-Mo armour steel alloy, and there is a petros-NE repulsor field.

Within the ship, 50 Zyrothan-sized crew members can be held. The Sabre has a higher minimum crew requirement than its cousin, the Dagger Light Cruiser, due to the number of weapons which need to be aimed and maintained. It has a BC-class life support system, which can maintain 5 crew members for 10 years without setting down.

The Sabre's sensors are advanced. It has optical, infrared, and ultraviolet telescopes, as well as RADAR and LIDAR. There is a bay which can hold ten Manurill-class shuttles and four sensor drones.


The Sabre has a built-in spinal railgun, six mass cannon bearings, bearings for two laser bays and six point defense turrets. It also has four torpedo/missile tubes and a bomb bay.


The Sabre is rarer than the Dagger. It is most commonly used as a backup ship by Viperian governments.

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