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4 feet tall



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Salsenes are a sapient race native to the planet Ishtar. They have explored and colonized a sizable portion of the Viperius Galaxy, and they have met and negotiated with many alien races.

Due to their rapid reproductive rate, there are now over three and a half trillion Salsenes in the Viperius Galaxy, stretched out over several hundred planets. There are also many that live on board starships for their entire lives.


Salsenes evolved from the Sals. At the time, many of Ishtars species were dying out due to the Vastan Mass Extinction. Sals evolved sapience in order to survive the event.

As a species of non-intelligent amphibians, Sals did not stand much chance of surviving. However, an increase in thought capacity allowed them to explore new areas, and to try new foods. And as life became more and more difficult, only the most intelligent Sals were able to survive and reproduce. Eventually, they became fully sapient.



The average Salsene is about four feet tall, and weighs about a hundred pounds. They are typically blue or green, or sometimes a mottled combination of the two. Yellow is sometimes seen in individuals, but only when mottled with blue, green, or both. Some rare individuals are born purple, which is seen as incredibly attractive. In more modern times, some Salsenes have dyed their skin purple, in an expensive operation called "violeting." Only the rich can afford this, and so it has become something of a status symbol.

Salsenes have evolved a bipedal stance, allowing them to use their four-fingered hands for tool use.


Salsenes reproduce more rapidly than most other races, and so they must colonize more worlds than they do. A typical Salsene couple produces up to five children a year, and continue to do so every year for their entire lives. This is a major reason for the Salsene's expansion into the galaxy. The Salsenes generally try to build colonies on every planet they discover, unless there are major dangers associated with the world.

Salsene infants resemble their parents, except that they are a solid shade of brown and their eyes are large and black. They hatch from soft eggs, which are incubated in small puddles. A thriving trade exists in chemicals to place in the incubation puddles, which are said to increase the intelligence and good looks of the developing infants.

Salsenes believe all forms of birth control are immoral, and thus do not make use of them. This is another reason for their rapid growth in numbers.

Recently, Froegen XIV announced her desire for all Salsenes to have as many children as possible. The monarch apparently believes that a large population is the most efficient survival strategy for the race as a whole.


Salsenes are capable of regrowing lost limbs and tails. It generally takes three weeks to regrow a foot or a hand, and almost a year to regrow an entire arm or leg. In general, they recover from most wounds more rapidly than other sapients. Another result of this is lengthened lifespan; Salsenes regularly live up to the age of 140.


The Salsene immune system is highly efficient; germs of all kinds are quickly destroyed by various toxins, and then used to power the recovering system.

The only disease that quickly overwhelms the Salsene immune system is Flesherism, which consumes the muscle mass of infected individuals and transforms them into ravenous beings known as "Fleshers". The disease is so feared that planets suffering from infestation are bombed repeatedly and poisoned with extreme doses of radiation.


The Salsenes are sapient.


Salsenes evolved in the harsh conditions of the Deserta Vasta, during a period when the entire surface of Ishtar became covered. They became a rough culture of tribesmen. Honor was held in high regard.

In Salsene society, the females had a higher place in the tribe then the males. The females went to war and hunted, whilst the males tended their houses while they were gone. This has changed in recent years, due to the formation of the Male Rights Movement. Now, many males hold positions traditionally held by females.

While human myths and legends often centered around heros killing monsters or enemy kingdoms, Salsene mythology is normally about the hero discovering a large ammount of resources, or finding a new area. Salsenes are a very curious race, and hold exploration as a near sacred activity.

Salsene humor is somewhat warped, as many of their cartoons display Zyrothans and Aians being squashed by large animals. This is deemed hilarious in Salsene culture.


Salsene literature generally centers around a physicly weak protagonist who survives by his wits. Common genres are fantasy and historical fiction. An example of famous Salsene literature is The Tale of Kuru.


Salsenes are named for various words in their language such as courage, strength, or wisdom. They do not name their children after others; they prefer to let their actions show admiration for others.

For a list of common Salsene names, see Salsene Names.


The Salsene race is governed by an Empress, currently Froegen XIV. When an Empress dies, the Salsene people elect a new one out of the Royal Family. The Empress appoints other Salsenes to positions such as governor or ambassador.


The Salsenes law system is simple: Thou shalt not do harm to others, or their property. Anything is allowed, as long as you do not infringe on the rights of others. The law is enforced by a volunteer police.


Two fully equipped Salsene soldiers.

Salsenes normaly wear a cap and a hood. Soldiers normally wear a bulky combat suit, which despite it's size, allows much movement.

Salsenes do not wear jewelry, as they believe that it encourages vanity. They do allow decorative clothing, however.


Most Salsenes worship the Supreme Creator, but others believe that there is no creator, and that the universe was formed from primordial emptiness.

In recent years, some Salsenes have joined alien cults. These Salsenes are rare, however.

In the past, the Salsenes worshipped a variety of deities, and believed in many monsters.


Main Article: Salsene Technology

The Salsenes have invented kinetic weaponry, FTL starships, and terraforming.


As Ishtar's natural resources disappeared, salsene wars became more frequent and more violent. For a time, it seemed that no tribe would emerge victorious, and that life on Ishtar was doomed to become extinct. But that was not to be.

During the height of the Fifth War for Haran Puddle, an alien spacecraft crashed into the territory of the Haran salsenes. The ship was intact, although whatever aliens once resided were missing. The Haran tribe, after much experimentation, learned the basics of controlling this vessel, and used it to destroy all of the other tribes.

After the end of the Puddle Wars, the Haran tribe was able to advance their technology very far. So far, in fact, that they at last became capable of serious study of the mysterious vessel. Eventually, they discovered how to reproduce the design, and created the Salsene Grand Fleet. Ishtar was slowly dying, however, and so the Salsene Council took action. Ships were sent in many directions, in order to discover alien worlds the salsenes could settle.

One such planet was New Ishtar, which soon became an unofficial capital of the Salsene race.

Relations with Other Races

The Salsenes have discovered quite a few sapient races at this point in their history. This list shows their relations, in chronological order, first contacted first.


The Necrosaurs attacked the Salsenes while they were exploring the Oread System. No contact between the two races was made until the Salsenes were forced into the Oread system by Keraran attackers. The Necrosaurs then assisted a Salsene, Lentaa, and Lutrian alliance fighting the Kerarans.


The Cho'ghar and the Salsenes coexist peacfully on the planet Aristotle.


The Salsenes and Atrenids have forged an alliance, in order to colonize the planet Kaventro.


The Salsenes and the Zyrothans signed a trade agreement allowing the Salsenes to mine uranium from the planet Yeseg at leisure. In return, the Zyrothans were given space-flight technology.


The Salsenes regard the Tahawe as a harmless curiosity, and in general they do not interact.


The Salsenes are currently at peace with the Aians, but both species are quite uneasy about each other, as both could do serious damage to the other.


The Salsenes and the Iridi are currently researching each other.

Lentaa and Lutrians

The Salsenes made an alliance with these races in order to combat the Kerarans (see below)


The Salsenes and the Kerarans are currently at war.


Salsenes co-exist peacefully with the Detroni.


Vrah are used by the Salsenes for private means, such as assassination and guarding, due to the intrigue in politics, industry and management. The Salsene government attempts to discourage this.


The Elisri attacked a Salsene colony ship without provocation, leading to the Salsene Grand Fleet declaring war.

Arbotiles, Gaedrongos, and Scarabians

These races, and the Salsenes, agreed to assist each other while exploring Dragovia.


The Verplaatsen destroyed a Salsene colony ship in orbit around Dragovia. The Salsene Grand Fleet, however, did not recieve a transmission related to the Verplaatsen, and are thus oblivious to this threat.

Notable Salsenes

In Fiction

Due to their prominence in the Viperius Galaxy, the Salsenes appear in many works of fiction.


  • The name "Salsene" was coined by User:InfiniteCreator.
  • Originally, they were called "Salamen", but this name was already in use in Brian Standeford's Wildeblood's Empire.
  • The Salsenes were the first sapient beings created on this wiki.
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