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Shadow Beast

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A Shadow Beast ready to strike

Shadow Beasts are monstrous Warbeasts used by the Daemons.


Shadow Beasts are large, quadrupedal monsters. They are one of the larger Warbeasts, growing to lengths of 50 feet or more. Their head is maned and bears a terrifying tentacled mouth filled with sharp teeth. Their front arms are tipped with a long spike.

Sometimes, their appearance can vary, as certain individuals may have been created from different organisms.

Most were created from a species native to Lanka.


Shadow Beasts are often ridden by Korgrath into battles. Alternatively, they can be let loose on the field and wreak massive havoc and destruction.

Some Daemon commanders prefer this Warbeast to others, because the creature's appearance inspires great fear in their victims.

Gehennian, The Seven

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