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Sii 3,4 sky.png




up to 5.8 metres


up to 4 metres


Omnivorous then mechanical




Extremely advanced (Class XII)

The Sii are an extinct race of sapients. They were allies with the Veiled Ones.


The Sii were tall, gracile creatures. They grew up to 4m tall and had wingspans of up to 5m, erect bipeds with two arms and legs. They had wings, extensions to previously existing sails on their back.

The Sii as they are known to archaeology are the cybernetic descendants of their organic ancestors. Their respiratory, digestive and nervous systems were replaced with tech, and they integrated themselves to an extent with machinery. However, they strove to maintain their essence as a species, so did not allow extreme bodily modification or neural replacement.

It is known that they used to be viviparous, but then all young were produced in vitro. They were very long-lived and durable, reaching 700 even before cybernetics.

They subsisted on nutrient fluids and electricity after their transformation, but meat and vegetables before.

Intelligence and Society

Benevolent sapients, the Sii were very intelligent. While their ethical concerns stopped them from developing weapons or AIs, they had very advanced nano-technology, architecture and virtual reality.


The Sii had a refined sense of beauty, preferring the streamlined and shiny to hard or spiky. This was reflected in their art and architecture.

There was a great deal of freedom within their society. Ancestry and talent were unimportant, if a Sii wished to have a certain profession they could take it. This worked due to the Sii's diverse ambitions.

They had believed in a pantheon of benign gods, but became irreligious.


Although most of the Sii technology is their own, quite a bit is taken from their allies.


Sii had FTL spaceships, which were used in trade and exploration. It is believed they were as fast as the Veiled One ships.

It is known they were of several classes. Aether Ships could control which dimensions they held their mass in, and so become invisible and travel through other ships. They could also use this ability to shred opposing ships or crush them into small balls.

There were also Deathhawks, which changed the alignment of a target in time, so reducing it into its components or into dust, and also carried cannons which fired shaped micro-novae.


The Sii used Crossverse transmissions for almost-instant communication across space. When near each other, they communicated orally or with light.


The Sii arose in the Viperius Galaxy, and were quick to develop civilisation.

They were almost alone in their region of space, but went exploring anyway. They became highly advanced and came under the wing of the similiar Telleni, who assisted them and became allies.

The Sii watched the War in Heaven. They sent assistance to help the Telleni, but very little due to their pacifism.

Later on, they encountered the Veiled Ones. They were helpful to each other and formed an alliance.

However, they were stagnating and gradually declining in number.

It is known that they assisted the Veiled Ones in many battles, coming to accept that war was occasionally necessary. They even played a small part in the Julth War, though only a few remained. It is said that the scientist Gehenne had a special fondness for them, and that to some extent they influenced the Gehennian design.

Soon after the Daemon takeover, the Ruinous War began. The remaining Sii fought a war against an alliance of races and lost.

The ruins on Centro, barely affected by millions of years of neglect, stand testament to their power.

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