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Traitor, Rothel's apprentice

By tomorrow, The Seven will be no more. Daemonkind as we know it will be no more. Hectocapitus will lie broken amongst the ruins of Pandaemonium. And I will rule the Daemoniverse.

- Soulbane

Soulbane (sometimes called "the Treacherous") is a Gehennian who betrayed Hectocapitus and left The Seven. He is one of the most feared of Gehennians, as prisoners in his holding are usually tortured to death.


Like all Gehennians, Soulbane is a giant black dragon-like creature. He has particularly large skull horns.


Soulbane is cruel and sadistic, finding much pleasure in the torture of slaves and minions.


Soulbane had his plasma beam upgraded in order to cause less damage. He did this so it could be used indoors, whereas a more powerful weapon might bring the building down. The beam is still dangerous; one blast can reduce other Daemons to a pile of cinders. It also has greater accuracy.

He has several Zahhak as bodyguards, all of which are armed with Blueblades.


Soulbane and Bloodburn were the first of the Seven to be born. They hatched soon after the end of the Julth War and the Daemonic Takeover. Soulbane gained great prominence in the eyes of Hectocapitus after he led the army which conquered Styx. He ruled over Styx for a while, until he became a traitor.


Once a member of The Seven, Soulbane betrayed them all to become an apprentice of the Chaos Lord Rothel. His replacement was Bahamut.

Relations with other Gehennians

Soulbane has a fierce rivalry with Bloodburn, and often tried to turn the others against him. He also took great pleasure in tormenting Earthrender.

It seems that he may have some feelings for Death's Shadow, as he offered her a position as his queen before his attempted takeover of the Daemoniverse. Given what is known of his personality, however, it is generally considered more likely that he merely enjoyed the idea of further spiting Hectocapitus and his forbidding of inter-Gehennian relationships.

Soulbane had few children, such as Anathema.

In Fiction

Gehennian, The Seven

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