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A Sriven moving into a supernova




up to 4000 parsecs


up to 42 parsecs





The Sriven are a type of colossal Abyssal from the Vesania universe.


Single Sriven can be 4000 parsecs long, and 42 parsecs thick along their flanks. They are enormous, serpentine creatures with Void-Metal 'flesh' and stellar mass protrusions lining their sides. Above this Void-Metal are layers of repulsor sheets, Boltzmann fields, shieldwaves, and planar radiators.

Void-Metal is not a metal as such, but an area of space with an energy capacity of zero. Nothing, regardless of dimension, energy, form or exoticity, can pass into it. It is completely opaque to all travel and transmission, even if it is attempted to pass through via the Crossverse.

The Sriven's 'head end' is a 'mouth' up to 20 parsecs wide, constantly emitting light and heat. Matter, energy, and space entering it seem to be neutralised, leaving a trail of exotic space behind the creature which eventually reverts to its previous state.

The Sriven can move at enormous speed, crossing Vesania within a minute. Objects they move through are destroyed by the energy of their passing.

Their protrusive spines can fire planar mass-neutralisation blasts which can cross-sect galaxies, lasers capable of causing supernovae, mass projectiles the size of planets moving at 0.999999c, little black holes, anti-force rays, entropy beams, and reverse entropy beams (which can resurrect the destroyed).

Intelligence and Behaviour

Sriven are very rarely seen. They have been spotted three times coming from Abyss, seen once moving by The Gate, and once in the C-Continuum (their reason for being there is unknown).

The Vision has not released any information about them. The Laisth are aware of them, but have revealed nothing.

The Sriven in the C-Continuum showed signs of existing in the other spatial dimensions than those we are familiar with.

It is unknown whether they are sapient, benevolent, or otherwise. They have repaired damaged ships on two occasions, but never destroyed any.


The mysterious 'Telleni Column" artifact, found in the Empyrean universe and dating back to around 25 billion BM, bears a relief of a Sriven. They must be older still, as an image of them forms part of the Laisth unity crest.

In Fiction

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