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Story: We're Off To Kill The Daemons

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We're Off To Kill The Daemons



A story about various races attacking the Daemon homeworld, Inferno, by User:Holbenilord.

Chapter 1- Typhons and Angeli

In the year 3.903(.009) AM, the Flame-Father sat on his burning throne and commanded us to war. A hundred thousand ships he sent, and in his wisdom he summoned our allies, the great Angeli, to aid us. Together we flew to battle, and we smote our foe before us, retaking world after world.

Our great ships of rock and metal broke down their every attack, and our allies spearheaded our assaults into territories long held by the Evil One, the Killer of Flame who sits on his black throne in the city of fear and torture. He quivered in fear before us, and sent his children, barely from the cradle, to fight us. We did not flee their quiet rage, but fought them, in the blackness of the void and on the surfaces of planets, on worlds tainted by their blasphemy.

A month of bloodshed and great victories took us to their central system, orbiting the last star which we seek so righteously. Mighty and courageous though we were, we did not wish to damage our forces against the outer planets of the Hellstar, instead concentrating on their ashen homeworld, the grey rock which runs with stolen fire. It is said by the mother to her babe that a body without a brain is lost, so we sought their seat of power and came upon Inferno, our fiery comets blazing like the great gods of old.

They sent a fleet now, larger than ours for sure. But we had boldness and our canny warlords, so we drove on. As one, we broke their line and used the Staff to halt their onslaught. It was not in vain we used our last charge, that treasure of the gods holding back their most powerful warships behind a veil of unyielding power.

We dared not set down upon that accursed soil, so we attacked from orbit. We did not know the ground, and the resistance was truly enormous. Too many brave warlords and fair angeli were extinguished by the towers which rose from the ground, the flying titans (abominations against the Flame that they were) and the pyres that turned rock to dust.

Yet we survived, and we reached the streets which writhed with Daemon, after pulling through the bubble which cut us down as we passed. And we fought them on the ground, their beasts and their vermin, the strong and the weak. There were too many for us, and we retreated.

As we lifted off to consolidate and survey our successes, the Evil One rose up in his Tower and in his vicious fury came upon us. His special assistants, the clouds of black which were many creatures yet one, consumed our ships and his great cannon was heard throughout the sky, its thunderous report threatening death and slaying all before it.

Our ships crumbled and we were forced to join our allies on their ships. They also withdrew, though with tenacity and courage. Only twelve ships left that forsaken world where the Evil One schemes.

Chapter 2- Notrox

Sit down, you who will be Masters. I may be old and broken by this war which now threatens our existence in every universe, but i hope with this knowledge you shall know enough to turn back the tide of the Daemons.

It was 3.760(.143) when Tioni brought his fleets to the Hellstar. He hoped to destroy Inferno with his Skyblades, ships we used to have that could destroy worlds and leave only molten rubble.

A million ships came for Hectocapitus, and a million ships fought his fleet in space. His Gehennian generals were no easy opponent, yet we stood our ground and faced off. The battle went back and forth, our troops fighting on Ymir and Styx, and many other locations beside.

Neither side gained any strong hold, and so things waxed and waned. Millions died on both sides.

Tioni's final battle occurred on Inferno itself. In a last-ditch effort, all our dispatched flotillas coverged on their homeworld. The battle was hard. The Armageddon came forth, and the Tower, fighting against us.

We decided it was necessary to orbitally bombard Pandaemonium. But we had not counted on its history. Many millions of years ago, the Veiled Ones had been here, and their legacy remains. Our shots dissolved in the upper atmosphere, our ships were tossed across the sky, and pillars of roaring flame rose from the planet. Our Skyblades tried to fire, but they were blocked. The potency of the ancients crushed our ships to nothing.

The Daemons had not known this could happen, as even after a thousand sieges no enemy worth the Veiled Ones' defense software's time had appeared. But now we were there, and we were strong enough to count.

Our remaining troops set down, the battle above almost lost.

We pushed into Inferno, razing fortresses and toppling Titans. We brought down their turrets and fortresses, and the streets ran red with their blood.

We reached the centre of the megacity, exhausted but triumphant. And there they were, the Seven.

They were too much for us. We were slaughtered by their plasma beams and slashing claws, our weapons useless. Tioni fought their commander, Bloodburn, in an epic duel lasting two hours. But it was to no avail- he fell on the steps of the Tower.

It is said that at his death, every one of the dead trees on Inferno sighed and clouds gathered over Pandaemonium.

Bloodburn felt something, and he took the corpse for himself. Hectocapitus personally cleared up our last remnants, and all we know about the events came from a crippled Cruiser which just managed to get back to us.

Chapter 3- Phemara

2.209(.544) AM I remember long ago, when our sun was shining, when we were a mighty force in the stars. We're fighting the Daemons, and it's killing us.

You're going to the frontline tomorrow, yeah? Don't be like that. You can reply here, this is off the record.

Well, you may as well know about what happened on our last big push... i'll get the holo-vid out. Pull up some chairs.

The image shows a nebula speeding towards you. A low-voiced female Phemara begins narration.

"It was five years ago that we met the Daemons. We could not stand their genocide and their violence. For justice and morality, we have to fight them."

Now, a planet can be observed down below, orbiting a red star. Little flashes occur around it.

"This is Inferno, their homeworld. What you see now is a reconstruction of our siege."

The zoom has reached the ships which fire upon each other in orbit. Their silhouettes are easily visible against Tartaros. There's an explosion every few seconds, though the distance between the ships means it's hard to tell where the shots come from. Singularity missiles bombard the Daemons, crushing the Warships, and cannons blast through the Phemara ships.

"We were outnumbered a hundred to one."

The camera goes through one of the cockpit windows of a Phemara ship.

"We had one last idea."

A 'Seer Queen paces the ornately decorated corridor, watching the bursts of light outside.

"It was Mai who sent us down to the planet itself, to slay the diabolical Hectocapitus in his own city."

The Seer Queen suddenly sits up. Then, the scene transitions to the Phemara fleet bearing down on Pandaemonium, surrounded by flames and debris.

"We just managed to penetrate their blockade, and began to bombard the planet's surface. Our fleet was a fraction of what had been sent, but it was still powerful enough to cause damage. The Gehennian Master turned his turrets and orbital defense on us, shooting our ships from the sky. But we reached Pandaemonium."

Phemara ships shoot along barely a hundred metres over the surface, evading hundreds of projectiles which flame past them. Now they come to the city's bubble, and drive through, though some burn up in the field.

"We reached the streets of their city, and climbed out of our broken starships. We fought to the death, killing a thousand for every mul lost."

Phemara, huddled in a ring, and surrounded by innumerable Grakk. The circle around them slowly closes, and then the image goes black.

"If anything, this should motivate us even more. The Daemons must die."

End of film.

A bit preachy, and the graphics are off. It's an old vid. But it's the best we've got.

So go out there and show them justice!

Chapter 4- Szerker

We fought before, Daemon. Not so powerful now, are you? I tell you what, let's turn the agoniser up a bit more. Ahhh, feel that pain!

Your friends are coming after us. Tell us what they'll do.

Oh, i can't understand you! What a pity, i'll just have to kill you.

Oh, you'll talk now?

Don't lie to me.

We know more about you than you think.

Yes, we do. We've battled your kind before, above Inferno. We came, a thousand cruisers, and we took you on in orbit. Your ships were blasted from the sky, burning and broken! But when we got too close, the ancient defenses activated.

You know, the Veiled One defenses.

Never heard of the Veiled Ones? Oh, i understand.

You are the stunted, pathetic, powerless descendents of a race that could challenge us. Oh, how weak you've become.

They stopped our ships in space, smashing them open and disabling our defenses. Only two ships survived, and we hadn't even fired a shot. No choice but to land.

Yes, contrary to what you've been told, other races have landed on your precious homeworld.

We engaged you in combat. Your guns were useless against us, as you saw when you attacked us earlier. We smashed through your line, each of us slaying ten thousand foes. But your warships descended. You killed us from the sky, with no honour.

And your big cannon, whatever you call it, destroyed our last ships.

We had left a reserve, yes. But your powerful ships had just got back- and Hellbeams work against us. I am the last Szerker.

I have no idea why i told you that. Oh well, I'll kill you anyway.

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