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A dead Tarducus viewed at extreme magnification

Tarducus are a type of microscopic Daemon, of uncertain class. They are believed to be some sort of Veiled One experiment gone wrong.


Somewhat like an embryo, Tarducus have underdeveloped features. Bits of incomplete yet still functioning skeleton and organs can be seen through translucent, glowing green skin. They squirm about, only eating and reproducing.

Tarducus constantly emit a high-pitched trill, above the hearing of most other lifeforms.

Their appearance has led some to believe that they are really mutated Veiled One embryos.


Tarducus are used as indirect guards. Colonies are stationed in passageways of Daemon Fortresses that lead to important rooms. When someone walks by, their footsteps affect the noise of the Tarducus. Grakk that monitor the pitch of the squeak will know an intruder has passed when the sqeak is affected.

Gehennian, The Seven

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