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Tatric Alliance

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The Tatric Alliance is an alliance of races in the Cloud of Tatra.

The official symbol of the Tatric Alliance


Within the Tatric Alliance are the following races:

  • The Cyrians, who proposed and founded the Alliance
  • The Raai, who spread the idea of the Alliance around the Cloud
  • The Inehmud, who make up the majority of the population governed by the Alliance.

The Haad are often recruited as Alliance personnel.


The Alliance's stated goals are to foster co-operation in the Cloud, and keep the peace. They share technology and manpower to a degree.


In 3.999(.955) AM, a small War Machine scouting force entered the Cloud of Tatra and began to destroy every settlement they could find. Desperate and playing for time, the Raai and Inehmud sacrificed a series of planets to delay the fleet. The recently uplifted Haad's homeworld was one of those lost.

The Cyrians then put aside their isolationism and intervened, first blocking and then driving away the War Machines. They then set up the Alliance in order to prevent such an attack ever occurring again.

The Alliance is on a constant state of alert, as the War Machine could invade again at any time. It has tentatively allied with the Slavnye, and is preparing to join the Ruznetsk War.

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