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Technological Class

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Technological classes are a rough way of determining how advanced a race is.

Kardashev Scale

The scale has three designated categories called Type I, II, and III. These are based on the amount of usable energy a civilization has at its disposal, and the degree of space colonization. In general terms, a Type I civilization has achieved mastery of the resources of its home planet, Type II of its solar system, and Type III of its galaxy.

This measure is not used on Multiverses due to its imprecision (more precise versions have been made). You can read more on Wikipedia.

I-I Scale

This scale determines the technological prowess of a species by the regions they have access to.

I- Intraregional, this species can travel within a small country-sized area.

II- Interregional, this species can travel between several small country-sized areas.

III- Intracontinental, this species has explored an entire continent.

IV- Intercontinental, this species has explored several continents. Likely technologies: Steam power, metal alloys. Later, mains electricity.

V- Intraplanetary, this species has explored an entire home world. Likely technologies: Nuclear fission, jet aircraft, particle accelerators.

VI- Interplanetary, this species has explored multiple planets. Likely technologies: Break-even nuclear fusion, reusable spacecraft, hydrogen power.

VII- Intrastellar, this species has explored an entire star system. Likely technologies: Large-scale nuclear fusion (possibly He-3), production of grammes of antimatter.

VIII- Interstellar, this species can travel between stars. Likely technologies: Production of kilograms of antimatter, antimatter power sources. Repulsor fields and Hyperdrive.

IX- Intragalactic, this species has explored a single galaxy. Likely technologies: Weaponised antimatter, Hyperdrive denial.

X- Intergalactic, this species has explored multiple galaxies. Likely technologies: Ultradrive, repulsor sheets, very primitive megastructures.

XI- Intrauniversal, this species has explored a single 'verse (a 'verse could be a universe, microverse, etc.). Likely technologies: Uberdrive, megastructures.

XII- Interuniversal, this species has explored multiple 'verses. Likely technologies: Unknown.


Humanity- V, as we have not explored any other planets significantly.

Aians- X, as they have explored their home galaxy and are now moving to others nearby.


It is possible to add more measurements, such as intra- and inter- cluster, intra- and inter- galaxy clusters, etc. For simplicity, these are not added.

Their home system counts as a star system, and planets within it count as planets.

Robotic exploration can be used as the measure, this is a little controversial.

Travelling through the Crossverse occasionally or travelling through a Dimensional Rift does not make a species interuniversal, they must explore the majority of multiple 'verses. Also note the Crossverse is practically infinite in volume.

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