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Tekija are a type of large Korgrath, Daemons recently produced by the Gehennians.

A Tekija


Tall and muscular, the Tekija can be 3.9m in height and mass 500kg. They are strong and possess great endurance, as well as an almost total immunity to pain.

They have weapons built into their bodies- a firegnasher in each arm, and retractable blades in their claws. These are connected directly to the Daemon's nervous system, meaning they are extended and/or fired at will.

Tekija are also fast, running at up to 40km/h, and often charge straight into their foes.

They secrete chemicals from their skin which are highly repulsive to non-Daemons, such as ethyl mercaptan and hydrogen sulphide. They also bellow and rage while battling, creating a sense of fear around themselves.

They often have mechanical parts, such as skeletal hydraulics or plates of metal bonded to their flesh.


Though sapient, Tekija are unable to think for themselves while in a rage state, only following Gehennian or Korgrath commander orders.


Tekija, in addition to their metal-plated skin, wear thick bonded Blackmetal armour and deflective tunics. They can carry weapons such as Rending Cannons, Conflagration Cannons, and Firelashers.


Tekija are the result of a joint project done by Indigo and Anathema.

Gehennian, The Seven

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