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up to 15 metres


up to 7 metres


Omnivorous then mechanical




Extremely advanced (Class XII)

The Telleni were a race of hyperadvanced sapients from the Empyrean universe. They fought in the War in Heaven.


Telleni were 15m-long creatures, with vestigial wings and a long tail. They had four erect limbs, all of which had seven toes.

They had large, yellow eyes and large head crests, as well as armour all over their body.

Telleni were naturally quite sluggish, but their technology changed that. Augmentation also let them customise their bodies as they wished, at will.


Telleni were omnivorous animals, but when they became mainly cybernetic they began needing only energy. This was provided by a one-point reactor within their bodies.


Telleni had been sexual and viviparous. After they began using cybernetics, offspring were tailor-made and grown rather than born.


The Telleni skills with cybernetics and picotechnology let them move beyond basic survival needs. They did not have to eat, breathe, design tools, or reproduce.

They became semi-morphic, able to change shape to a degree and at will. They could generate tools from their components, including weapons, power tools, and manipulators.

They could regenerate damage with great rapidity, and synthesise chemicals within themselves. Their brains were transferred into string form within a spatial pocket that was contained inside their head,

Intelligence and Society

The Telleni were extremely advanced sapients, with great intellectual capacity. They maintained their imagination and emotions despite their development, and inherited a love of life and thought.

There were no real leaders amongst them, only people trusted to make decisions when necessary.

Telleni were bound by no laws, but there were sets of guidelines about interference and legacy that they followed out of respect for their goals and ethics.


Telleni were Technological Class XII, having explored multiple universes and possessing enormously powerful technology.

Telleni technologies included universe creation, galaxy manipulation, point energy harvesting, B-Continuum travel, Boltzmann Weaponry, and other such abilities.

It is unknown how far the consequences of their actions go.


The Telleni reached space in around 27 billion BM, and nothing is known of them before that. Their universe of origin was Empyrean.

The next recorded event to happen in their past was their alliance with the Sii, who they assisted in exploration and development.

The Telleni were dragged into the War in Heaven due to the danger it posed to them.

Relations with other races

The Telleni encountered many other species.


The Telleni and Iephi became allies when they first met. However, following the Second Cataclysm, they were forced to war against each other.


The Mrsa had been neutral up until the Second Cataclysm, when they declared war on the Minds and Iephi. As the races fought in the Empyrean Universe, the Telleni were dragged in to protect themselves.

The Vision

The Minds were driven into high alert following the Second Cataclysm, and it was at this point that the Mrsa encountered them and attacked. As they fought in the Empyrean universe, the Telleni assisted also.


The Telleni met the Sii and allied with them. They assisted the technologically inferior Sii in exploration and development. The Sii sent a few ships to assist in the War in Heaven.

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