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A Tengu of the Yamabushi Cult

Tengu are mischievous Daemons of the Grakk caste.


Tengu are winged humanoids, with beaks and sharp teeth. Most individuals are coloured orange and wear black cloaks.

Tengu tend to dwell in the mountains.


Tengu are often used in ambush strikes, commanded by the Korgrath. They can also be used as scouts.

Yamabushi Cult

The Yamabushi Cult is a group of brown-coloured Tengu that plan special strikes against enemies of the Daemons. They hide in the mountains and wastelands of planets like Inferno, Nether, and Lanka to concoct their plans. They have red cloaks. It is rumoured they have special contact with the Seven throughout their life.

In fiction

Gehennian, The Seven

Korgrath: Afrit, Praetus, Rider, Marid, Reaper, Tekija, Esumum, The Asura
Grakk: Shaytan, Djinn, Hellhound, Kappa, Ammut, Arachne, Ghoul, Goblin, Rakshasa, Tengu, Alma
Other: Zahhak, Cubi, Tarducus
Warbeasts: Titan, Hydra, Chimaera, Shadow Beast, Grendel
Individuals: Hectocapitus
The Seven: Bloodburn, Umbran, Death's Shadow, Ravana, Darkshriek, Arethusa, Bahamut, Soulbane (ex), Cthire (ex), Etherclaw (ex), Moloch (ex), Flamegift (ex)
Gehennians: Deadflame, Earthrender, Iceflame, Snakesick, Dusk, Skybreaker, Slitherfang, Anathema, Silvereye, Seth, Indigo, Horrorscorch
Korgrath Generals: Skayl, Argoth, Kumbhakarna
Deceased Individuals: Etherclaw, Cthire, Nightshadow, Moloch, Dreadhiss, Venomcry, Flamegift, Eklipse, Chaon

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