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The Vision

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The Vision is Obeidon's largest faction of Free Minds, the most common type of Boltzmann Brains.

The insignia of the Vision


The Minds within The Vision have stated their aim to be- "The preservation of life in the cosmos, the government of interuniversal travel, and the management of Primary Beings". Lacking sufficient context, much of what they do is unknown.


The central House of The Vision is located in the C-continuum, which moves on a different temporal flow to most of space.

However, much of their surveillance and battle occur outside, in space.


The majority of Minds within The Vision are Esas, who also do the majority of work.

There are also a large number of Dyosi, Trora, and Tessaia.

Least common are the Pentos and Exa. The Exa do the majority of management and control.

The number of Minds in The Vision is estimated to be several quintillion, if not many more.

Relations with other races and factions

The Vision are dedicated to the preservation of life, so enemies with anything powerful attempting to destroy it.

The Laisth

The Vision and the Laisth are allies. Some consider them the same faction.

Cimmerian Mind

The Vision is at war with the Cimmerian Minds.


The Vision is not opposed to the Julth, but has made contact and expressed a dislike of their activities.

In Fiction

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