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Third Paradise

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Third Paradise was a Veiled One planet-station, used in the Julth War. It was one of the pinnacles of Veiled One Technology.

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Like all the others, this planet-station was around 20,000km across, larger than Inferno. It was a sphere, with a 'hood' over its north pole, and a clear area on its frontal area.

It was armoured with Neutronium-Metal, and Voi-Shields (similiar to Voi-Walls, transmitting the energy of attacks to the other side of the ship). The interior was mainly whitemetal. Unlike the other planet-stations, however, Paradises One, Two, and Three had No-Fields. These allowed them to slip outside 'verses, becoming unassailable, but also unable to attack.

The ship had a great number of weapons. It had Energy Converter Weapons, Wavepulsers, Energist Rays, Matter Projectors and Utilisers, Momentum Beams, Centireme Fields, Nova Bombs, Resurrection Beams, and carried hundreds of other ships.

At the centre of the clear area was an unknown weapon. Scholars are unsure as to what it was, but it was the ship's largest use of power.


Third Paradise was one of the one hundred and fifteen planet-stations built by the Veiled Ones. However, only First, Second and Third were equipped with No-tech.

It had been around for several decades when the Julth War began.

It is unknown what became of Third Paradise after the war. It did not fall into the hands of Hectocapitus, but only 112 planet-stations were confirmed destroyed, mainly by Sezzren-Rai.

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