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A Notrox Master, Tioni was one of their leaders in the invasion of the Daemoniverse.


A large Notrox Dominator, Tioni had augmentations on his body. They included armour built into his flesh, spikes on his shoulders and back, and a long blade in his left arm.

He was extremely agile and strong.

His enhancements allowed him to live for hundreds of thousands of years.


A canny but slightly deranged Master, Tioni was a great strategist and extremely charismatic.

He was wholly committed to the Notrox cause, and if that meant increasing his sphere of influence, so much the better.

He strived to be the best of his kind.


As well as the blade and Shaderifle in his left arm, Tioni often wielded a Shadowknife.

His armour was powered and shielded.


Tioni was born in the Notrox home universe, on Deonox.

He shot rapidly to power, and became a Master at the comparatively young age to 40, and conquered several planets.

When the Notrox began to move into the Daemoniverse, he was one of their leaders. He had an enormous fleet at his command, and during the wars against the Daemons, proved himself again and again.

However, he was eventually killed by Bloodburn. With his death, the Notrox lost their greatest leader and their defeat came soon after.

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