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Titans are a type of Warbeast, used by Daemons.


Titans are exceptionally large, larger than any other Warbeast or Gehennians.

They are humanoid in form, and their bodies are full of enormous muscle-fibre and pneumatisation systems needed to support their 50m tall frame.

Their flesh is very solid, so a standard titan masses around 140 tonnes. The skin is actually bone, jointed at the joints, with a layer of keratin on top.

Their bodies are well beyond the limits of respiration, and are powered by a fusion source. However, they do have a nanobot circulatory system. The arteries can reach a foot across.


The Titan's melon-sized brain is hidden deep inside its skull. Although it can understand language, it cannot speak, and can only follow the orders of Gehennians or its Rider.

They enjoy destroying those they are told to destroy, as well as structures such as fortresses.


Titans are siege weapons. They can be used in space or on flat ground.

A group of flying titans exists on Inferno.

Gehennian, The Seven

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