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Tozhlocticzon is a planet in the intergalactic space of the Viperius Galaxy System, and home to the Coatzl.

Tozhlocticzon from space


This is a class THI planet, a habitable terrestrial world. It orbits Cuehmoc, a G3-class star.


1.5 times Earth's mass, and with 0.89 times the density, Tozhlocticzon has a surface gravity of 1.06Gs. This density is the result of the large quantities of carbonates within the planet.


Tozhlocticzon takes 29 hours to rotate on its axis, and 340 days to travel around its star. It has a stable axial tilt of 3 degrees, so there is very little seasonal variation.


The surface of Tozhlocticzon is 69% water and 0.3% ice. The majority of the rest is tropical forest, though both poles have large mountain chains.

The average temperature in the jungle is 32 degrees celsius, ranging very little. In the mountains, it can drop to 8 degrees.


Tozhlocticzon has a thick atmosphere, with a pressure twice that of Earth. This atmosphere is 75.2% nitrogen, 23.4% oxygen, 1.2% argon and trace other gases.


Tozhlocticzon has one large moon, Moxhemicl, with one twentieth of its mass. It orbits at 400,000km from the surface, and takes 43 days to orbit the planet.

There are also many artificial satellites, including six Tuetlex stations and the first stages of a ringworld.


Tozhlocticzon has an extraordinary diversity of life, with great numbers of animals of hundred of different types.

There are four main animal groups:

  • Duocrurians, with two limbs
  • Tetracrurians, with four limbs
  • Hexacrurias, with six limbs
  • Myriacrurians, with more than six limbs.


The Coatzl have many settlements on Tozhlocticzon. Their capital is the city of Textocticlo, which has a

The temple of the Great Serpent

population of three million and is eighteen miles in diameter. Its centre lies on an island, but the rest is mixed with the jungle.

The largest structure here is the 800m-high temple of the Great Serpent, flanked by the temples of Cuehmoc, the planet's sun, and Moxhemicl. These two buildings have fallen into disrepair recently, but the temple of the Great Serpent remains well-maintained.

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