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up to 8 metres if standing




Highly advanced (Class IX)

The Typhons are a race of sapients from the Daemoniverse.


Large, humanoid creatures, Typhons can be 8m tall. They have large, bat-like wings and scaly skin, though they have a mammalian face, with tusks and a nose. braid-like hair hangs from their head, naturally twisted.

Their metabolism is very inefficient, producing extraordinary amounts of heat. This is expelled as hot gas from the Typhon's tail.

Their eyes are crystalline, and work best in low-light conditions. They also have ears, nostrils, and heat-receptive pits.

They have a long tail, ending in a head-like tip which can open and close. It is used to expel gas.

Typhons never stop growing, and continuously grow larger throughout their long lives. Their lifespan and largest possible size is currently unknown.

Notably, a type of symbiotic worm lives in their gut, without which Typhons cannot get the necessary vitamins to survive. Over a hundred often live in a single typhon.


Typhons consume a huge amount of food. They are mainly carnivorous, though also need plant matter for their digestive system.


Typhons are sexual and viviparous. Gestation takes fifteen months, and up to six babies are born.



Typhons are quite intelligent, capable of building a civilisation. However, their anger easily gets the best of them and they find it hard to be rational once aroused.


Typhons are very conscious of their reputation, and seek to improve it often. It is a crime to hurt another Typhon except in a duel.

The stronger Typhons get precedence.


All typhons report to an archon, known as the "Flame-Father", who is chosen by comittee on the basis of wisdom and physical prowess. He is known to be the largest of the Typhons. He is assisted by a council formed of the oldest of their kind.


After their homeworld was destroyed, Typhons were forced to become nomads in space, travelling in vast, rocky spaceships. Their technology is mainly based on fusion, from their plasma beams to spaceships.


Main article: Typhon Starship

They have FTL technology, and the larger ones can travel into the Crossverse. This uses a fusion-powered dimension-holing device.

The starships bear many weapons, mainly missiles. They have thick hull, being built from asteroids, and plasma sheaths which destroy incoming projectiles.


Typhon computing is not as advanced as could be expected, due to their distrust of the automated.

However, they have supercomputers, which can be used as autopilots. They are opposed to AI.

Infantry Equipment

Typhons place particular emphasis on infantry combat. Fighters wear titanium-alloy, plasma-sheathed segmented armour, and often a portable plasma sheathing device.

Ranged weapons usually fire explosive rounds or long streams of flame.


Once, the Typhons inhabited Proteus, a moon around the gas giant planet Proteus Prime. They built their first city around 70,000 years ago, and have only ever had one civilisation, which strongly resembled Rome. All cultures were made the same as they conquered their world.

They developed spaceships around 30,000 years ago, but since their advancement has stagnated.

They formed a highly advanced civilization, with a scientific research station on almost every moon. Their civilization grew so large that the Daemons took note of it, and invaded their world. After a long war lasting a few decades, the Daemons won, due to the shrewd commanding skills of Moloch.

Since then, the Typhons have been at war with the Daemons.

Relations with other races

The Typhons have contacted several other races.


The Typhons are at war with the Daemons. They hate them more greatly than anything else.


The Typhons and Angeli often assist each other.

Notable Typhons

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