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Tyrant Mind

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Tyrant Minds are a type of superior Boltzmann entity from Obeidon.

A possible vis-capt of a Tyrant Mind


Tyrant Minds are enormous, far larger than a Free Mind Exa or a Cimmerian Mind. They have much in common with the Cimmerians, being Microverses filled with strings, quarks, gluons, and other materials.

They possess an entropy field which extends around them, shaped by their will. Any Mind which enters this and is not protected by an antiphase entropy field, as can also be produced by Tyrants, is destroyed. It can also affect matter, whatever form it is in. They can cause black holes to evaporate.

A Tyrant Mind can be killed by penetrating its unusually bloated centre, such as can be done with materials such as Neutronium-Metal or other degenerate matter, which can survive a short while within the fields. Sufficient numbers of Cimmerians or Exas could, in theory, also penetrate.

If a Tyrant Mind contacts Void-Metal, a spontaneous feedback loop destroys the Mind. Effects on the Void-Metal are unknown.

Tyrant Minds also emit EM and spatial fields which are capable of causing psychological changes. At first, these are simply nausea and hallucinations, but always result in enslavement of the victim and the Mind's complete control over them.


Tyrant Minds are highly sapient, and their exact goals and motivations are unknown, possibly unknowable. All knowledge of them comes from The Vision, which claims only three remain.


These beings probably date back to the beginning of Obeidon. Their exact history is unknown.

The Cimmerian Minds seem to worship them, and they also have large followings of Free Minds and Servic Minds.

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