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Veiled One

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They said the Veiled Ones would last forever

- Unknown on The Veiled Ones

The Veiled Ones were a race of highly intelligent beings that lived during the time of the Merge. They "evolved"

A vis-capt of a Veiled One, recovered from archeo-site A6YH. Colour information has degraded.

into the Daemons as an effect of their war against the Julth. They are often referred to as "Builders".


No one knows what the Veiled Ones looked like at this point; they always wore a veil which covered every part of their body, hence the name "Veiled One". However, it is known that the Veiled Ones varied wildly in colour, texture, and even number of eyes. This was due to their highly mutable genetic code. It was this flexibility that allowed them to be transformed into so many different types of Daemon.


Almost nothing pertaining to Veiled One culture has been discovered as of yet; however, it is known that they wore veils as a statement which said that although each one seemed different, they were all basically the same.


It seems Veiled One society was ruled by an individual known as the Servant, so called because he was to be the servant of all Veiled Ones.


Main Article: Veiled One Technology

Veiled One technology surpasses that of any known modern civilisation. Although it is possible that still more advanced ones exist today, none have been confirmed.

Notable technologies included small-scale time travel, dimensional jumping, advanced cybernetics (though rarely used), quo-computing, stellar control, neutronium-metal, interdimensional mass shifting, and a kind of teleportation (though it did not work on living things or sophisticated electronics).

One of the pinnacles of their achievement were the planet-stations, such as Third Paradise.


Scholars know very little of Veiled One history, mainly through archaeological studies. The glimpses have been tantalising, such as mentions of 'Eclipse'.

For millions of years the Veiled Ones were a highly advanced race, which seems to have colonized most if not all of the Viperius Galaxy System. It is also known that they deliberately seeded multiple alien worlds with microrganisms, so that some day multi-cellular life may evolve. This may be why many species in the universe today are so similar in basic biochemistry. They were peaceful and investigative.

They allied with and assisted the Sii- the two species had a friendly relationship until death. Another race that they maintained good relations with were the Lotori.

They fought a long and catastrophic war against the Ravagers, in which they were pushed back to Inferno. However, they allegedly managed to destroy the Ravager fleet. They also killed the Ashgoroth, defeated the Veel and temporarily exterminated the Szerkers.

This went on for almost two million years, before they encountered the Julth.

It remains unknown as to which side struck first; all that is known is that shortly afterwards both races declared war, and the Julth War began. This war was to last six fatal years before the end occurred.

Near the end of the war, both sides were running low on soldiers and supplies. However, neither side wished to surrender, and so it went on. At this time, a brilliant Veiled One scientist named Gehenne proposed a plan that would seal the fate of both civilizations forever.

Gehenne's plan (dubbed "the Miracle") was to genetically augment large portions of their population, into powerful super-soldiers. Then, they may have been capable of defeating the Julth. The Veiled One Servant at the time, Daystar, was the first to volunteer himself for experimentation. At first, it seems Gehenne's plan had worked; Daystar had become a powerful dragon-like entity. But there was a sinister catch. The formula used to transform Daystar drove him insane; he grew mad for power, and declared himself Hectocapitus. Another unexpected consequence of the formula was that Hectocapitus became capable of parthenogenically laying eggs, which hatched into the Seven. he also engineered and bred a Daemonic Horde, consisting mainly of Shaytan and a few Korgrath. Within days, Hectocapitus had conquered all of the world later to become Inferno. In a few more days, he succeeded in pushing the Julth into the Crossverse, where they remain to this day.

Thus, the Daemons were born.

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