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Veiled One Technology

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The Veiled Ones are one of the most advanced species ever known to exist. Their technologies were enormously powerful, and a few have survived up to the present.


The Veiled Ones had many kinds of spaceship. They included:

  • No-Ships, which were some of the most powerful Veiled One ships. These could separate themselves from the universe, allowing nigh-instananeous travel anywhere in the universe they were in. Weapons also could not affect them while they were out, but they could not attack either.
  • Sin-Barges were enormous ships, over 450km long. They were equipped with Wavepulsers, which caused a pulse of dense space to roll out in a sphere around the ship, pulverising any nearby matter. They also had energist beams, which imparted energy to the target from the fourth dimension and so shattered them across the universe.
  • Thean-Ships were around 800km long. They possessed matter projectors and utilisers, which could break apart and reassemble matter however requested. They also could impart kinetic energy to any object through a momentum beam, and so accelerate stars, black holes, or other phenomena towards the target.
  • Centiremes were not visible ships as such, but a series of cylindrical space bubbles controlled from a No-Cockpit. They allowed the ship to generate fields of anti-force, for example neutralising the Strong Force in the area and causing all particles there to break up.
  • Resurrection Ships rebuilt damaged or destroyed vehicles, devices or people. However, it had to be carried out within an hour of destruction. They also had distortion shields and sapper missiles, which dissembled enemies from within.
  • Kill-Fighters were around 20m long, and unmanned. They fired chains of tiny black holes at a target, manipulated in such a way to tunnel through the target and then head back to the Kill-Fighter for recycling.

The Veiled Ones also built Planet-Stations, such as Third Paradise.


Veiled Ones invented many weapons. They include:

  • Hellbeams, which were powerful, semi-portable antimatter-carrying lasers.

Infantry usually carried Brightclubs, which fired strong beams of multi-wavelength radiation from their tip and were made from whitemetal. Heavy weapons included the Whitewave, which fired hundreds of relativistic particles like an explosive sandblaster, and the armour-bypassing Analaser.

Sapphire Arrows were a powerful ranged weapon and were very resistant to breaking. However, by the time of Gehenne's infamous experiment, they were already outdated technology.


Veiled One ships were often made from whitemetal, and in some cases Neutronium-Metal.

Whitemetal was a substance resembling white dwarf material, with great density. It would be embedded with repulsors and little shieldwaves.


Veiled Ones could build AIs, but after a war with sapient machines decided not create any sapient artifical intelligences due to the danger posed. They used quo-computing, which could solve any programmable calculation by feeding it back onto itself through time.


The Veiled Ones built Voi-Walls, which allowed organic transportation, and short-ranged broadcast teleporters, though these could not be used on living things or sophisticated electronics.

They had dimensional jumping devices, working sometimes through the Crossverse and other time directly. They also had dimensional mass shifters, which moved part or all of the mass of an object into another dimension.


Veiled Ones had sophisticated, chameleonic cybernetics, though these were rarely used.

They had the ability to control stars, speeding up or slowing down their life cycle.

Veiled Ones
Veiled Ones

Veiled One Technology: Hellbeam, Neutronium-metal, Energy Converter Weapon, Third Paradise
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