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The Verplaatsen are a race of creatures from an unknown planet. They are a Technological Class XII (interuniversal).




Verplaatsen stand four metres tall and weigh about 600 kilograms. The lower part of the body of a Verplaatsen is about two metres long.


Verplaatsen have a very short neck, and the head is forwards from the body. The roof of the head is covered in thick, blue hair, which extends down the back. A much stranger feature is that it has twelve eyes. There are six main ones, and six others. These allow the Verplaatsen to look multiple directions at once, as each eye is controlled separately, so they are very hard to sneak up on.

The mouthparts of a Verplaatsen are also unusual. The teeth in the mouth are sharp and packed tightly together, and four tentacle-like projections extend from the four corners of the mouth. They are connected vertically by flaps of skin, and they are used to force large amounts of food into the mouth at once.

Body and Limbs

A large portion of the body is upright, and the last part is horizontal. Along the entire distance, the back is covered in thick hair, whereas the front forms a sort of exoskeleton, a natural armour.

A Verplaatsen has four pairs of limbs. The first two are used as the main ‘arms’, as these are the only ones that are fingered. The second pair just end in a spike, and though they can be moved like arms, they are really only useful for fighting. The third and fourth pairs are legs. These limbs end in a single point, but are still used for walking on. The lower section is covered in a similar hair to the body.

Muscle Structure

The limb musculature in a Verplaatsen is similar to a human. The neck has to be strongly muscled because it is only short and is supporting the weight of the head.

Bone Structure

As well as having a skeleton, the Verplaatsen also have a sort of exoskeleton for protection.


Though they have sharp teeth, Verplaatsen are omnivores. They eat plants which they grow in an artificial environment, as well as nuts, eggs and meat. The most common source of meat is the Ladino, a pest that has infested their ship and made its home there.


Verplaatsen are extremely aggressive.

Life Cycle

Verplaatsen are born from eggs, laid by the female. After hatching, they are raised by parents. Over the years, they are taught what plants are edible, how to hunt Ladino, the rules and politics of the cities, and various over skills. It is common for Verplaatsen to move out and find a new house to live in shortly before sexual maturity. They will then find a mate to reproduce with.


Verplaatsen are sapient; this was necessary to build their spaceship. They have a scientific outlook of the multiverses, and any believers in the Supreme Creator are killed publicly.


The Verplaatsen have a rich, ancient culture. Much of this culture is built around rules created for living on board their spaceship.


Because they live on a single, giant spaceship, the Verplaatsen endulge in considerable luxuries in order to keep themselves sane.

An example of a Verplaatsen luxury is the Holotheatre, a device that tells stories with the aide of visual holograms. There are both stand-alone productions and series. Popular genres are "inspirational" programs that show the Verplaatsen conquering planets. Other programs are recordings of various species abducted by the Verplaatsen being forced to fight in a large arena. These are also very popular.

Creation Day

There is only one major Verplaatsen holiday: a day at the beginning of the year, celebrating the day when the first Verplaatsen were created. The day is celebrated with a day off from all non-essential labor, and Holotheatre specials. Verplaatsen say that this is the only time of the year when the rest of the multiverse is safe.


Verplaatsen enjoy a wide range of special dishes, including Ladino Bread. Ladino Bread is basically Ladino gibblets mixed into cake batter. It is a common Verplaatsen meal.

For desserts, Verplaatsen eat the scrambled Ladino eggs, mixed with botanical sweeteners.


Living in a city works similar to humans. Verplaatsen use the following coins:

  • Neradium - the smallest currency, worth about 1.5 human pennies.
  • Cemed-Neradium - worth about 15 human pennies, or ten neradium.
  • Gitinvi-Neradium - worth about 2 cemed-neradium, or 20 neradium.
  • Besilar - worth about 5 cemed-neradium, or 50 neradium.
  • Rabli - worth about 2 besilar, or 100 neradium.
  • Semicemed-Rabli - worth about 5 rabli, or 500 neradium.
  • Cemed-Rabli - worth about 10 rabli, or 1,000 neradium.
  • Gitinvi-Rabli - worth about 20 rabli, or 2,000 neradium.
  • Besilar-Rablu - worth about 50 rabli, or 5,000 neradium.
  • Rablu - worth about 100 rabli, or 10,000 neradium.



The Verplaatsen’s planet of origin is unknown. However, on the planet they built an enormous spaceship capable of supporting their entire race. They built cities in this spaceship, as well as growing forests as a source of oxygen. As a result, their true habitat is unknown.


Nothing of Verplaatsen evolution or origin is known. However, there are several myths surrounding them. One says that they once invaded the Machinus universe, which was where they acquired the massive spaceship. This is not proved, and it is widely believed they built the spaceship themselves. However, the fact they own mechanical servants also points to this idea.

Once they had taken to the skies in their large spaceship, smaller versions, fighters, were built. These can be used as scouts, or for fighting smaller foes.

There is another myth that they are related with the Sagax. Sketches made shortly after the Great Sagax War feature spaceships resembling Verplaatsen fighters. The fact they still own mechanical servants also seems to point towards this. It has been theorised that they are the 'master race' mentioned.

Their current location is unknown, and they could therefore be anywhere in Obeidon.

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