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A stylised representation of Vesania

The Vesania Universe is a universe in the Obeidon Multiverse cluster.


Vesania is noted by those who travel to it as highly peculiar. It seems to be somehow connected to several other universes to the extent that forces leak from one to another, creating disturbances in space and time. However, travel between them is, for now, impossible.

Vesania is of medium size, around 900 million light-years across. However, the way it is shaped means this is quite a misleading measurement.


There are many locations within Vesania. Interesting properties include the complete absence of Dimensional Rifts (though wormholes can lead here) and the presence of Oblivion Dust.


At the very centre of Vesania, around 1 million light-years across, is the stable region named 'Tranquil'. This area suffers from no spatial disturbances, and planets and stars seem to arise here rather normally. At its centre is the Serenus Galaxy.

The Serenus Galaxy

However, Tranquil has many unusual features. The stars are normal and have been around for a long time, but there are no white dwarves, neutron stars, or black holes. Stars here do not die.

The energy they produce, once it reaches far enough away, is in fact looped back within the stars. It appears to be entangled. Helium or heavy elements produced within the star decay quickly back to hydrogen, as well.

The planets here have also been around far too long. The heat they produce that goes into space is fed back, their atmospheres are not degraded, and their orbits stay the same. Life occurs on a large quantity of these worlds, of many varieties.


Abyss is a region of Vesania that lies 108 million light-years from Serenus. It is Vesania's largest region, at 55

Abyss from the outside. Some reflective areas are seen

million light-years across, and is completely opaque.

It intersects with another universe in such a way that transforms light energy travelling into it into matter, and then back into light on the far side. This matter forms in diffuse clouds, constantly heading out of the region.

Because of this, most races are completely blind within this area. Many unusual and disconcerting phenomena have been reported by those entering, but none have travelled more than 100 light-years in. Automated craft cease working upon entrance.

Many creatures have been recorded leaving Abyss, including the Sriven, Katare, and Hellions. They are of particular size and danger.

The Domain of Fear

The Domain of Fear exists 50000 light years from Serenus. It is an enormous dark nebula, so thick that light can penetrate only a light year within.

However, this is just a shell, maintained by a swirling gravitic vortex that also throws those entering around. Within sit many red dwarves, as well white dwarves, and other stellar remnants. This produces a red glow within the sphere.

The surface of Anxietas

Many of these red dwarves host planets. However, they orbit very far from their worlds, making it very unlikely that they should host life. However, enormous gravitatic tidal effects keep them warm, and as such almost all terrestrial planets here are just about habitable.

There is dust within this area. It bombards the atmospheres of the planets, producing a constant infrasound boom over the landscapes. It also shapes the wind and sea, causing erosion to create even eerier and more bizarre forms. The life here is warped too, often biomechanical (it is believed an advanced civilisation once existed here) and black to maximise heat absorpion.

Notable planets include Metus, Anxietas, and Salum.


Heartforge from afar

Heartforge is a region located somewhere above and between the Domain of Fear and Mania. From a distance the region looks like a set of fractals, but the cause of this is unknown.

There is only one star in this region, which is dying. All the planets here orbit it.

It is inhabited by a host of nightmarish lifeforms (colloquially dubbed the Heartforgeians) that can survive in space.


Mania, showing sharp reds and blues

Mania is an enormous dark void 500,000 light years from both The Domain of Fear and the border of Tranquil. There are stars here, and their feeble radiance fills the dust with colour, mainly purple and red. There are planets here, but also great World-Trees. World-Trees are enormous stone-covered organisms with branches and stems, often a million miles tall. Within them is an atmosphere, and they absorb matter from the void for growth.

Many organisms live in the space here. Most fly around, consuming those smaller than themselves and avoiding those larger. They lay eggs on the rogue planets, and often move around in shoals. Species present include the Rrogg, Aazep, and Buggernauts.

The planets around the stars often host conventional life. One, Intus, holds the raving descendents of many sapients who have crashed here.


Jaggedspace is an area notable for its appearance, its boundaries looking like a set of interlocking teeth.

Within it are planets and stars distorted by these shapes, forming spiky and exotic shapes. They can be seen from the outside, most shaped jaggedly and with sharp protrusions.

It is around 500 light years across.


The Nithspace is a region of Vesania opposite the Verge, most notable for the great wall of Nith that lies at the edge of the universe. This priceless resource is mined by many cultures, but defended very effectively by the Nithlings.

A Vis of a Nith Crystal

Nith is supposed to be a combination of non-existent space, found outside universes, and normal space. It is so coveted due to its properties, capable of powering FTL flight, energy fabricators, and many other devices.

The Gate

The Gate is a structure at the very top of Vesania, which looks like a swirling mass of glowing dust.

A very strong beam on Neutrinos travels from it, through Serenus, and into the Other Gate.

The Other Gate

At the very bottom of Vesania is The Other Gate, resembling The Gate except spinning the other way.

The Verge

The Verge is an enormous structure near the edge of Vesania, half encircling it. Beyond it, the electromagnetic force fails- atoms break down into quarks and so on.


It is known that Vesania has been in existence since around 600 billion years BM, but very little of its history is known.

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