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Vivatus is a planet in the Shielded Zone of Mania. It is host to a civilisation.


Vivatus is an Earth-like planet. It orbits an M4-class star close enough to have become tidally locked.


Vivatus has a radius of just under 6000km and a mass of 0.8 Earths, giving it a density of 0.97 times Earth's and so a surface gravity of 0.91Gs.


Vivatus' crust is 34.6% oxygen, 24.5% iron, 22.6% nickel, 16.5% silicon, 1.8% other metals, and trace other elements.


Only 35% of the surface of Vivatus is water. The day side is almost completely desert, and there are tall, snow-capped mountains on the night side.


The atmosphere here is 77.3% nitrogen, 22.1% oxygen, and the remainder other gases. It contains a high concentration of CO2.


Vivatus is tidally locked, at zero degrees axial tilt.


This planet has no natural satellites.


The day side of Vivatus is mainly dry, hot desert. The only animals to live here naturally are the Duneworms and Sandgrazers, and the only plants are moss-analogues and cactus-analogues like the Holdthorn. A large, permanent sandstorm occupies the point closest to Vivatus' sun.

Between the day and night side, life is far more varied. Hakatun herds move across the twilight plains, hunted by Svolves and attended to by flocks of Yagal. The herds feed off Stangrass and the low branches of Zaltrees, which manage to photosynthesise in the twilight.

Past the twilight strip is ring of swamps which goes around the planet. They are home to Glashrooms, Dayata, and Marshmats, as well as a few animals such as the Glowcroak and the Nawhul. However, after this is an ice sheet which covers the centre of the nightside. No complex life is known to live here.


There are two sapient species on this planet: the Drayo and the Menzab. The Drayo have built the enormous city of Element, which is the only large settlement on Vivatus, with a population of two million. Communication between settlements is possible due to the Wormbuses and Flagri.

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