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A swarm of Wreakers next to a star

Wreakers are colonial organisms that are known to be present throughout the Obeidon multiverse.


An individual Wreaker is not an individual at all. Being colonial organisms, they are actually made up of massive swarms of microscopic creatures. Each one of these creatures glints in sunlight.

These creatures can reach colossal sizes. They have been known to reach lengths of many millions of miles long. Longer examples are reputed to exist, and it seems feasible that they can be much larger.

Wreakers are slow-moving. This observation is relative, though, given their immense size.


A slightly clearer picture of a Wreaker

Wreakers eat dead bodies of matter. They will float throughout space, consuming items from tiny comets to huge stars.

Some larger individuals have been observed to eat living stars.


Wreakers just travel around Obeidon, consuming all that gets in its way. This is all they have ever been known to do.


Wreakers are thought to reproduce simply by breaking apart a large swarm.


Almost nothing is known of these organisms, or even if they can be called organisms. Any attempt to closely observe them, be it by probe or otherwise, has resulted in the Wreaker simply consuming the technology.

The official release

However, long distance scans have been done by the Salsene Myro Kerenn. The little information received shows readings unlike anything yet encountered in Obeidon. He later released a statement to the Centro Security Agency about the organisms.

It is possible that Wreakers may in fact be machines, although how exactly this is possible is not known.

The first individual was sighted sometime around 325 billion BM.

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