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Yagal are a type of small, aerial creature from Vivatus' twilight strip.


50cm long, with two large wings spanning 90cm and four legs ending in two hooked digits each, Yagal are adapted to landing on Hakatun and walking over their bodies. They have an elongated snout and a long tongue, which has little teeth along it.

Their wings are powered and membranous, allowing them to fly rapidly from one animal to another. They have an eye above their brain and an eye below, each sensitive to infrared light, and a nostril on either side of the base of the snout, allowing them to detect hosts from some distance.


Yagal mainly eat parasites on the bodies of Hakatun, but they will also snatch small animals from the grass and eat Zaltree nectar when available.

Life Cycle

These animals are born, live, and die on the backs of their hosts. Before they reach the age of three, Yagal will regularly change herds, but afterwards they settle with one group for life.

They mate and lay eggs on the backs of Hakatun, which are stuck there with a blob of glue produced for just that purpose by the female. She will stay by the eggs for the two weeks it takes for them to hatch, and then look after them for their first month of life before letting them go.

Yagal usually live to the age of seven or eight years old.

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