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up to 2 metres


up to 1.7 metres






Advanced (Class VIII)

The Zyrothans are a technological civilisation from the planet Yeseg, in the Viperius Galaxy. They have become widespread.


The Zyrothans are a centauriforme race, females being around 2m long and 1.7m high. Males are slightly smaller.

They have four legs, quite broad and muscular, and two arms on their angled thorax. The arms have two fingers and a thumb, topped with blunt claws. Their four feet have two forward and one dew claw each.

They have scaly skin, and over their skull they have a thick bony layer which protects from injury. Their eyes are large and their pupils extremely so, adapted to maximise light intake on their cloudy planet. They have a good compromise between night and colour vision, with bichromatic detection.

They have no ears, but detect ground vibrations through small ciliated hollows in their feet. The antennae sticking from behind their skull can acutely detect chemicals in the air.

They breathe through the nostrils, their mouth being unconnected to the trachea. Their mouth has many canine-like teeth at the front, and molars behind. The bony layer produces a 'beak' at the front which is used like an incisor.

The sail on their back carries many poisonous spines. It also helps radiate heat away.


Unusually, the Zyrothan intelligence is generated by several large ganglia along its neck, the largest being within the skull. If the others are lost, this one can continue to function, but with less efficacy.

The movement of signals between these ganglia, though speeded up by a largely fluid nervous system, makes the Zyrothan quite slow compared to other species. Despite this, they are capable sapients, with great ability at maths and logical deduction.


Zyrothan civilisation was once matriarchal, divided into 'tribes'. An elderly group of females, between two and five, govern each. Tribes may contain between ten, common for rural Zyrothans, and several hundred, as in many cities. New tribes can be created when a couple from different tribes marry, or they can choose to be part of either of their tribes.

Tribes could be distinguished by facial markings, or markings along the back. To allow these to be sullied or made less obvious is greatly dishonourable. Subtle differences allow individuals to be distinguished when all Zyrothans appear quite similar, though proportions vary.

They are quite combative, preferring to settle tribal conflict with war than diplomacy as a rule. Honour is generally very important to them, though urban dwellers are less bothered with ritual. To gain fame, Zyrothans sometimes join mercenary companies such as the Iron Skulls.

Since they have settled on other planets, the influence of other cultures has caused greater variation within Zyrothan mindsets. Honour has become less important to them, and they seem more liberal.


Zyrothans have art, literature, and music.

Art is generally pictorial representations of battles or representing emotions or ideals. Zyrothan literature is usually historical, though fantasy is known. Music is rhythmic sequences, using multiple instruments. Lyrics are never used.


Many Zyrothans are entrepreneurial and ambitious. A famous Zyrothan success story is Huber Agrisoft, a food freighting company chaired by Huberis.

They used their own currency, 'veds'. These are stored electronically, through almost unsolvable encryption. However, they joined in with many other races in creating the standard galactic currency, the Credit.


There are three religions on Yeseg. The first, with the most believers, is Jillisanism, a monotheistic religion believing in reincarnation and karma. Worship is believed to be done simply by living.

The second is Jasaism, a polytheistic religion based around a heaven and hell. It is mainly followed by the rural population, with emphasis on worship through honour.

Jaraima is a religion based around the universe being a living, sapient entity, and our powerlessness against it. It supports worship of natural phenomena, such as volcanoes and storms.

Around 43% of Zyrothans follow a religion.


There are twenty-two nations on Yeseg, each with special rituals and customs. They were divided into five 'power-blocs', though Eisanga and Kaleeb were known to be the only ones with significant power.

This system was changed after the crisis that came after the Keel/Zyrothan War, when Zyrothans and Salsenes protested. The militaries had their leaders imprisoned for war crimes, and the major politicians became aides. A new, whole-Yeseg coalition was formed, from elected politicians. The planet's militaries were also combined, and money from richer areas was use to raise the quality of living elsewhere. However, regional tensions still exist.

The Zyrothan Coalition is active in galactic politics, and is one of the main contributors to the Multistellar Research Conglomerate. There is a Zyrothan councillor in the Centro council.


Zyrothans have independently developed chemically powered rockets, and have launched a space station into orbit. They have also traded minerals for Salsene spaceships, and are now beginning to explore nearby worlds in co-operation with other races. Their factories are currently working to reproduce the designs.

They can build great cities, with over ten million inhabitants, and supply them with food, water and power. Food is mainly from hydroponics farm, and meat is a luxury to urban dwellers. Most power stations are nuclear fission powered.

Eisanga and Kaleeb, two 'power blocs' of five nations each, had atomic bombs, though they have never been used in war. These now belong to the Coalition. Most weapons are conventional, with rockets and cannons. Infantry always fight in close combat, as a matter of honour, but automated tanks and planes are used.

Most equipment is now supplied by Paragon Weapons Systems, and medical items come from the Aeon Pharmaceutical company. These items include the Stalker Guided Missile Launcher, Gladius Assault Rifle, and other items.


The Zyrothans have produced several classes of ship, and have PWS spaceships as backups. They use Hyperdrives to travel FTL.

The Zygorn-class is a scout ship, only 50m long. It is designed for protracted journeys, with advanced life support and only one mass cannon for its armament.

There are two cruiser classes: Merkth and Daav. Merkth-class are 165m long, with thick armour, eight mass cannons, six lasers and four orbital howitzers, as well as point-defense turrets. Daav-class are 190m long, with powerful repulsor fields, six mass cannons, eight lasers, four orbital cannons, and even more point-defense turrets.

The Zyrothans also have destroyers. The main class of these is the Haryva-class, which are 140m long and have four mass cannons, four lasers, and eight torpedo/missile tubes. They also have many point-defense turrets.

The largest class of Zyrothan ship is the Raegon battleship. These vessels are 1,500m long, and have two spinal railguns as well as eighteen mass cannons, fourteen lasers, eight torpedo/missile tubes, hundreds of point-defense turrets and thick defenses.


There are four standard Zyrothan fleets, two reserve fleets and three special fleets (with a total of over 1760 ships):

The First Fleet consists of 218 ships. There are eighty Merkth-class cruisers, fifty-five Daav-class cruisers, forty Haryva-class destroyers, and twenty-three Raegon-class battleships. Twenty Zygorns are attached.

Lead Ship: ZNS Crimson Arrow

In the Second Fleet there are 200 ships. Among them are fifty Merkth-class cruisers, fifty Daav-class cruisers, twenty Haryva-class destroyers, forty Zygorns, and forty Raegon-class battleships.

Lead Ship: ZNS Anger of the Heavens

Within the Third Fleet are 185 ships. Of these, sixty are Merkth-class cruisers, thirty are Daav-class cruisers, thirty are Haryva-class destroyers, forty-three are Zygorns, and twenty-two are Raegon-class battleships.

Lead Ship: ZNS Dutiful

The Fourth Fleet contains 310 ships. One hundred and five are Merkth-class cruisers, fifty-five are Daav-class cruisers, eighty are Haryva-class destroyers, thirty-one are Zygorns, and thirty-nine are Raegon-class battleships.

Lead Ship: ZNS Astral Champion

The First Reserve Fleet contains 206 ships. Eighty are Merkth-class cruisers, fifty are Daav-class cruisers, thirty are Haryva-class destroyers, thirty are Dagger-class light cruisers, fifteen are Sabre-class light cruisers, and one is a Raegon-class battleship.

Lead Ship: ZNS Eyes Forward

In the Second Reserve Fleet, there are 250 ships. Fifty are Merkth-class cruisers, fifty are Daav-class cruisers, twenty are Haryva-class destroyers, twenty are Dagger-class light cruisers, ten are Raegon-class battleships and one hundred are Zygorns.

Lead Ship: ZNS Guardian of Yeseg

The three special fleets are the Escort Fleet, which escorts merchant shipping, the Intelligence Fleet, which gathers intelligence for the Zyrothans, and the Zyrothan Foreign Fleet, which is assembled from the ships of other species which have settled in Zyrothan colonies and ships given as gifts.

The Escort Fleet has twenty Merkth-class cruisers, two hundred and fifty Haryva-class destroyers, eighty Zygorns, and five Raegon-class battleships.

Lead Ship: ZNES Formidable Guardian

In the Intelligence Fleet, there are fifteen Brightlance-class frigates, and one Daav-class cruiser.

Lead Ship: None

The Zyrothan Foreign Fleet contains ten Daybird-class cruisers, five Duren-class cruisers, five Alxen cruisers, two Taal-class destroyers, one Kawar-class battleship and one Aquila-class battlecruiser

Lead Ship: ZNFFS Spirit of Charity, Kawar-class battleship

Relations with other races

The Zyrothans have encountered several other sapient species.


The Salsenes were the first contacted species for the Zyrothans. They have an alliance and trade agreement, mainly for uranium.


The Zyrothans encountered the Aians soon after, on Aboris. They invited the Salsenes over, so began the Aian/Salsene/Zyrothan First Contact. The Zyrothans are admiring allies of the Aians, but the Aians have little time for them.


The Zyrothans have fought the Elisri in space twice. The Zyrotha were forced to retreat on both occasions.

Raptor sapiens

A controlled Dimensional Rift opened on Yeseg. The Raptors and Zyrothans had an extended battle.


The Zyrothans contacted the Lutrians after the Aians, and they are on good terms. They share resources and cultural material, including historical information, stories, fusion toruses, and uranium.


The Iridi have an embassy on Yeseg. They trade and research each other.


Zyrothans and Deraia trade together and are on good terms, sharing information and assisting each other in reconnaissance.


Detroni are resident on several planets with Zyrothans.


Zyrothan colonies usually have Vrah, who do mercenary work and assassination.


Rich Zyrothans often have Skarg bodyguards, and Skarg mercenaries like those in the Iron Skulls are often used to help in war.

Notable Zyrothans

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