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The Sephirah are a race of advanced sapients from the Emenata universe. They are believed to be Class X or XI.



Sephirah are large, winged creatures with no legs. They move by slithering using their long tails, and using their moveable scales to push against the ground.

They are biomechanical, with one highly advanced bionic eye and several other built-in technologies. They have six horn-like structures on the head.

They have six augmented wings, which are fully functional and enable the animal to fly effectively. These are anchored just below the shoulder, and joined to powerful pectoral muscles.


The Sephirah seem to be an honour culture, emphasising gaining respect as the means to protect oneself rather than relying on law enforcement. This can be respect gained due to love, fear, or stories told of their exploits.

Gaining honour is extremely important to them, so the Sephirah jump at any opportunities for renown or greatness. Many also seek to cultivate fear of themselves, in many ways.

They have a monarchy led by a king, but laws are almost non-existent and he rules only through the respect of his subjects. He manages large-scale relations with other species and co-ordinates production and research with the assistance of his advisers.


Sephirah technology is highly advanced. Their ships can move between galaxies within hours through Ultraspace, and have extremely durable repulsors and ion fields. Their weaponry is devastating, mainly employing powerful IR and UV lasers.

Relations with other races

Most Sephirah tend to offer themselves as mercenaries, but instead of working for money, they join missions which will allow them to better their reputation.

The Sephirah monarch maintains good relations with some species, and has declared hostilities against others:


The Cyrians and Sephirah often work together.


Coatzl often call for Sephirah to join their fight against the Aoarus. The Sephirah have a tradition of honouring this call.


Sephirah mercenaries often join the Slavnye to fight War Machine forces, and so engage in the Ruznetsk War.


The Sephirah king has declared that the Aoarus are enemies of all Sephirah.

War Machine

The War Machine has been officially stated to be an enemy of the Sephirah.


The Sephirah and Elisri have fought.

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