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Shaytan are Daemons, of the Grakk caste.

File:Shaytan smiling.png
A Shaytan with bladeclubs


Shaytan are a subspecies of Grakk most easily identified by their cloven hooves and horns. They are amongst the largest Grakk, reaching 3.5m tall, and have hairy tails.

Otherwise, they resemble red-skinned humanoids. Facial hair is usually absent.


Shaytan eat flesh, but a particular fondness for hearts has been noticed.


Shaytan intelligence is crude, but they are sapient. They find pleasure in things such as torture and the despair of their enemies.

They will always obey Gehennian orders. Not all of them are keen on Korgrath, however.

They are seen as stronger troops, used in guarding and assault. They also make up bodyguards for many Korgrath generals.


Shaytan can wield many different weapons. Most usually they have a vicious axe and a Firespitter, but some may have Firegnashers, Blueblades or small Rending Cannons.

They wear Daemon armour, made from steel or Blackmetal. It is usually quite degraded.


The Shaytan were some of the first Daemons created, after the Gehennians. They made up the majority of the first armies.

Now, they do not make up as large a proportion of the Daemon hordes.

Gehennian, The Seven

Korgrath: Afrit, Praetus, Rider, Marid, Reaper, Tekija, Esumum, The Asura
Grakk: Shaytan, Djinn, Hellhound, Kappa, Ammut, Arachne, Ghoul, Goblin, Rakshasa, Tengu, Alma
Other: Zahhak, Cubi, Tarducus
Warbeasts: Titan, Hydra, Chimaera, Shadow Beast, Grendel
Individuals: Hectocapitus
The Seven: Bloodburn, Umbran, Death's Shadow, Ravana, Darkshriek, Arethusa, Bahamut, Soulbane (ex), Cthire (ex), Etherclaw (ex), Moloch (ex), Flamegift (ex)
Gehennians: Deadflame, Earthrender, Iceflame, Snakesick, Dusk, Skybreaker, Slitherfang, Anathema, Silvereye, Seth, Indigo, Horrorscorch
Korgrath Generals: Skayl, Argoth, Kumbhakarna
Deceased Individuals: Etherclaw, Cthire, Nightshadow, Moloch, Dreadhiss, Venomcry, Flamegift, Eklipse, Chaon

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