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Zahhak are a type of Daemon used as bodyguards for Gehennians.

A Zahhak


Zahhak are shorter and stockier than their masters, but otherwise quite anatomically similar. They have large wings for mass-lowering, enabling flight, and dark-coloured nanobot adamant armour.

Zahhak have no plasma beam, relying on their claws and blueblades to deal damage. They have great endurance, and can fight on after losing the majority of their bodies.


Zahhak are quite stupid, only really able to think about protecting their charges. Often, their minds are linked to a device belonging to their master, which allow the Gehennian to see what his guards see.


As well as their armour and claws, Zahhak have blueblades built into their wings. These are usually retracted, but can be pulled out to fight.

Some Zahhak have guns implanted too, such as Firegnasher shotguns.


It is thought that Zahhak are derived from engineered Korgrath rather than Gehennians. However, for Korgrath, they have substandard intelligence.

Gehennian, The Seven

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